October 24, 2014

wow. okay. i have some things to say.

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wow. lots of time has passed and i haven't shared much of my life in there.
well, i finally got my photography site up and running (pretty stoked about that even if it's only temporary), i've learned that i really do like fashion, so i'm wanting to incorporate more of that into this little space (i'll be posting a fashion post from a couple months ago very soon), i'm going to Europe next summer (!!!), and i'm also principal of my orchestra again (well, it's kinda exciting to be the first principal violist in this group, because this is the particular groups' first year...!), i've begun tweeting... (again...), oh, and i'm working on revamping my design site (and even created an Etsy for it), i've been getting some great photography opportunities (the Lord is so good to me!), i've passed the hump (i hope) of bad and scary school days (and it's going really well!), my instagram is something i am now very proud of (maybe this isn't so good... but it makes me happy), and most importantly, although it may be very hard, God is showing me that He is in control (and also that He hasn't forgotten about me; no, not at all).
xo, rn

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