September 27, 2014

Scenes of Summer

Scenes of SummerScenes of SummerScenes of SummerScenes of Summer
// summer has come to an end. //

no longer will we have sticky hot days where you tend to stay in the air conditioning, where you may end up in the pool to keep cool, where sticky popsicle juice is on every face you nanny, where the wind isn't exactly completely comfortable, where the thought of going out in the rain isn't quite as romantic, where rolling down that car window may not be the option you want to go with, where bare feet were a must, but now may not seem quite ideal.

no longer will you sleep with the covers off, and the window open, hoping for many breezes to find their way through the screen, no longer will you be able to stay up until three am every night (no, not for a whole 9 months...), no longer will night swimming even be thought of in anyone's head, no longer will ice cream, or iced drinks be had on the porch in the evening. no longer will the thought of getting up early be exciting, as the days are getting shorter, and the mornings are getting darker.

yes, summer has come to an end, but that doesn't mean anything will be forgotten. this summer was full. not of anything in particular, good, bad, many things. but it was very full.

i'm not sad it has come to an end, either. for autumn is my favorite season, and i've started a new season in my life.

// let's hope it's a good one. //
xo, rn
(this post is a bit overdue, should have been written and posted four weeks ago, but alas, that never happened.)

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