August 27, 2014

my little darling.

this little girl is so full of life. always happy, always doing something. she's one of those girls who is just never bored. she loves dolls (as i'm writing this post, she's sitting here playing with her baby, with all of her items around her), drawing, making crafts, painting, playing outside... she's just like myself at that age. i'll come downstairs and see her drawing. for hours. she gives me her little drawings, and even writes my name on them. she's such a darling.

a couple weeks ago, i was just finishing a shoot for something rather, and she comes up to me holding a bottle of bubble soap. she looked up at me and asked me if i could take some photos of her blowing bubbles. it was such a sweet moment, and i didn't hesitate to say yes. she then ran outside, hopped onto the mini picnic table, blew a few bubbles, and then preceded to run all over the yard blowing bubbles for about fifteen minutes straight. here are some of the photos i got:

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xo, rn

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