August 28, 2011

Five Question Sunday!

So, as you might know, I am gone. But I scheduled this to post at the time it posted, so I hope it works! :-\

Here are another five questions about me, and answers. This weeks were by Camity ( I don't have her blog, and I'm not sure if she has one...) , please click the name to go to her Picasa, follow, comment and look at her pictures!!!

1.If you could have any two American Girl Dolls right now, who would you get? Hmm, that is hard! I want:
JLY# 25
JLY#36  (both for my GOTY doll, please see that tab)
2.What is your least favorite food? Ohhhh, that is really hard! Maybe Stir-fry? Blech
3.What is the oddest think you've ever done? Oh, that is just TOO hard! (and too personal... Sorry!)
4.What makes you unique from anyone else? I'm me, I'm weird, and normal and... JUST ME! ;)
5.Waffles or pancakes? Probably Pancakes, but both are yummy! ;)

So, there you have it! :)

'till next time,


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August 21, 2011

Five Question Sunday

Here are another five questions about me, and answers. This weeks were by Kellee, please click the name to go to her blog, follow, comment and read it! (I also have her button on my blog, the orange and black with a butterfly... :) )

  1. Are you a good speller? Yep, I have always been told that at least...
  2. If there was a spider on your bed, what would be your reaction? I would scream, then kill it (if it wasn't a furry one, if it WAS a furry one, I'd jump out of my bed...)
  3. What is your favorite kind of cake? All chocolate cake! Oh! And Angel Food! :d Mmmmm
  4. Do you collect coins? Nope, not really.
  5. How tall are you? I think I'm 5 feet 2 inches... :) I'm short, I know... 

I hope you enjoyed them! Let me know what you think! :)

'till next time,


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August 14, 2011

Five Question Sunday!

Here are five questions from Kellee-Marie: (click the name to go to her blog. Follow, read, comment!)

  1. Do you get AG magazine? Yep! :) And I LOVE it!
  2. Are you a late sleeper? Yes... ;) xD Sleeping is SO fun! :D
  3. Do you plan on going to college?  If so, where? Yep! I don't even know what I'm gonna do! I was thinking Secretary or Nurse. But, I might change my mind.
  4. Do you have more than one best friend? Yes! I think everyone does!
  5. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, which would you choose? Oh... Horse! :D

I hope you enjoyed them!

Thank you Kellee! 

If you have any questions, Please ask them! They WILL appear in the (near) future!

'till next time!


P.S. Sorry about not posting in a while, but I will try to do many this week to make up for it! :)

August 7, 2011

Five Question Sunday

So, as I promised, here is the "Five Question Sunday".

What is your favorite . . .

Bright Pinkand Lime Green

Word? Hmmm, Phooey, maybe??

Food? Spaghetti and Pizza!

Season? Summer or Spring...

Type of weather? high 60's to low 70's for no pool, high 70's to 100 for pool... I'm not a fan of cold weather... But I DO like rain, and thunderstorms... :)

~By Starra,

Thanks, Starra!!

'till next time,


August 6, 2011

State Fair!

Okay! So, other than the fact I got majorly lost, it was FUN!
lol, now you're all wondering... Yes, I'll get to it...
First of all, we went with a BIG group. My family (11 people) and then my Aunt and Uncle, and their two children... So, 15 people in all. (I guess it's not that big... xD)
Here are some pictures:
Blooming Onion (they are SO good!)

This ADORABLE bunny!
 I found two adorable bunnies, and they both had the same
owner! haha
(sorry about that guy in the background... I don't know him...)
This is my favorite photo of this bunny... :)
I didn't take this one but it's still cute!

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I have more, but they're all faces...
Like my family and cousins and aunt and uncle...
And, as of now, I'm not able to share them... BUT, I will tell you something,
they're all so cute!
'cept for a few that my siblings would hate me for putting up. ;)

Anyway, how I got lost...
I got lost.
The END!!!

lol, just kidding

Okay, so, I was sitting on a little bench type thing (I was tired from walking...) with my cousin and a sister, and they got up  to join the group, I didn't, but they thought I did.
So they went to a building, and I didn't see them leave. So, I was sitting there for a while. I was about to go join them, when I didn't see them (believe me, it gets worse...) so I expected them to be just around a corner or something because I had gotten "lost" 2 other times, and they were just out of sight, but still "with" me.
So I looked around the corner, and I saw no one, I kept looking but I didn't see them, I was in kind of a triangle, here it looks like this: The lines stand for buildings... So it was like a triangle I was in...
   /    \
 /       \

So, I looked for about half an hour, thinking that by that time, they would have realized I wasn't with them, and come back to where I was, well, it turns out that as soon as they got into the building they were in, they all SPLIT UP! So assuming I was with a different group, they didn't realize... (here, let me take the camera off the dock so I dont' waste any battery... Okay, done...)
So, FINALLY I go up to a helper at the Kohls art program they had, and asked if she had a cell phone I could borrow. She said she didn't, and that she would take me to some Security place.
So, halfway there she realized she DID have her cell phone, so we called my dad, and left a message (they weren't worried about me yet, because they were still split up), so we get to a State Fair lady, she takes me to a Security person who asks me some questions about my parents, where they were last, etc. He calls my dad and leaves another message, then we walk to the Cream Puff building, and to the DNR building all the way on the other side of the fair (because I told them that my family was eventually going to go there...) so, we get there, and they aren't there. So the Security guy calls yet again, and this time, my Dad picks up, because they finally got all together, and my mom counted heads and realized I wasn't there... So FINALLY they are worried... (YES!!!! ;) )
It turns out that they were all the way on the other side of the fair (not far from where I started out) so, we walk all the way to the other side where they are in the middle of the Wisconsin Products Pavilion... (you probably don't know where that is...) and i get reunited with my family... And I got some cookie dough balls! Yum! :D
And then, of course, I'm tired from all that walking... So I sit down again... ;)
Anyway, that is my story... Sorry for the long post! xD

'till next time,


August 3, 2011

Two things...

#1 Do you like my new layout??

#2 I am going to have a contest soon... It'll be a picture contest WITH prizes! :) I will make a post about it soon! :)

Would you want to do it?

'till next time,


Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yep, it was my Dad's Birthday today! That means:
I made him a cake (one of my three brothers helped me...)
Here are a few pictures:
(Sorry they aren't the best...)

The Angel Food Cake we made:
I frosted it:
Does it look yummy?
Well, we saved you a piece:

Oh, you have nothing to eat it with??:
There you go! Oh, whoops, I ate that piece... :-\

Anyway, it was a fun day, I mean, my Dad was at work for most of it, but it was still fun.
Also, my family and some relatives are going to the state fair on Friday, so, I'll try to get some pictures from there...

There! That is my long post for today! :)

'till next time,

Questions about me?

Hey! Give me 5-10 questions, and I will post the answers on Sunday! :)

Have fun! :)

'till next time



Welcome to Rachy's Hobby Corner!
I will post many things on here. Mostly AG related...
I just wanted to say "Hi" and "Welcome"! I'm so glad you're here. And please ONLY follow if you're going to read!!!
I dont' want all these followers who won't read what I write. Thanks! :)

'Till next time,