August 28, 2011

Five Question Sunday!

So, as you might know, I am gone. But I scheduled this to post at the time it posted, so I hope it works! :-\

Here are another five questions about me, and answers. This weeks were by Camity ( I don't have her blog, and I'm not sure if she has one...) , please click the name to go to her Picasa, follow, comment and look at her pictures!!!

1.If you could have any two American Girl Dolls right now, who would you get? Hmm, that is hard! I want:
JLY# 25
JLY#36  (both for my GOTY doll, please see that tab)
2.What is your least favorite food? Ohhhh, that is really hard! Maybe Stir-fry? Blech
3.What is the oddest think you've ever done? Oh, that is just TOO hard! (and too personal... Sorry!)
4.What makes you unique from anyone else? I'm me, I'm weird, and normal and... JUST ME! ;)
5.Waffles or pancakes? Probably Pancakes, but both are yummy! ;)

So, there you have it! :)

'till next time,


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