September 18, 2011

Five Question Sunday

Sooo sorry about the lack of doll crafts!! :( My sister was having a sleep over with two of (our) her friends, and I was invited... :)
SO, I didn't exactly have time yesterday...
I'll do it sometime this week, though! :)

This weeks' questions are from Brusselsprouthead (click on the name to go to her blog. Read, comment, follow! :)

What colors do you like your cows? Well, I don't have any cows... But if I did, I think Black and White. The normal colors...
Favorite yogurt flavor? The stuff with the yummy cream on the top! :d Mmmmm
Favorite nail polish color? I don't use nail polish.
Favorite comedy? (How about comedian??) Brad Stine and Tim Hawkins (look on Youtube, they're both Christian comedians, so there isn't anything bad.)
Favorite crayon? Brand? Or type? Or Color? Since you didn't specify: Crayola, Sparkly, Pink (and Lime Green).

Thanks so much, Brusselsprouthead! 

'till next time,

September 13, 2011

Surgery Results

So, thank you to everyone who prayed or kept him in your thoughts, etc., I really appreciate it.
The Surgery was supposed to take one hour, but after the specified hour, they still hadn't found the needle.
Half an hour late, they had found it, and taken it out. So a total of an hour and a half surgery. And boy, am I glad that's over!

He is doing much better, but he has a covering on his foot, and a huge ice pack that is doing nothing.

But, I'm just so glad he's feeling much better.

THANK YOU for the prayers and thoughts.
And they both are still welcome, please pray for a speedy recovery... :)

'til next time,

September 12, 2011

Please Pray! And some exciting news!

My Dad is going through Surgery RIGHT NOW, and prayers would be greatly appreciated.
What happened:
He was walking to get a bag of popcorn (we were watching a movie), and on his way back, he stepped on a needle, and it went all the way through his foot and went into his bone. Eye first.
He went to the ER, and they sent him home, he went to his Doctor the next day, and the Doctor didn't want to do it right then, he said it wouldn't be good for either of them, so, he scheduled an appointment for Today, at 4:45. It
s 5:03. So, if you have time, please pray for him.
(the Surgery should take an hour, and then he'll probably be there for an hour recovering.

My Dad has been through a LOT he had a Cancerous tumor in his Vertebrae a couple of years back, and they had to remove that. But, it had gotten bad because he had so many PET scans and they couldn't find ANY Cancer because it was in the Vertebrae.
He survived that, and then a couple weeks ago his feet started feeling numb again, he had another PET scan, and they found nothing. He felt better after that, and he started eating again (he had a 3-day fast).

So, this is pretty big. He's on crutches. The whole shebang.

So prayers would be lovely.

Beleive me, we've had many, many Many, MaNy, MANy, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY other things liekt his including:
My baby sister not even two months old had a pot of soup (right off the stove) fall on her arm and she had third degree burns. I'll post a picture of what that looks like NOW, eventually...
It was a really scary time for us.
My Opa (Grandpa in Dutch) had Heart problems also a few years back, and he had to go through surgery.
And recently my mom got bitten by a poisonous spider (she was in Indiana), and it was really really bad. When something touched it- it- it... I can't even explain it. It was amazingly painful for her.

As you can see, we've been through a LOT.

So, if you could pray...

The exciting news is I HAVE 30 FOLLOWERS! I would LOVE more, you know... ;)
So thank you to each and everyone of you. I have three words for you (if you're following)
I love you. Thank you so much for following.

I also would love it if you were a regular reader... ;) *hint-hint* I DO have 'follow by email'... ;)

'til next time,

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P.P.P.S. Sorry about the 'no craft' yesterday. I know some of you are waiting for it, but I PROMISE I will have one next week. AND ALSO, some amazingly cool (and new) things are coming up! (yes, including the new them, do you like it?)

September 11, 2011

Five Question Sunday!

Thank you to Calmity for this weeks' questions! :) Click on her name to go to her blog, comment, follow, and read it.

1.What word do you feel like you use the most? Hmmm, I don't know... Wow, that's hard... I say stinky a lot when something goes wrong, but the word I probably use most is 'like'... ;)
2.What is your favorite Bible story? Esther and Ruth. ALL the way, I get so much inspiration from them! I totally recommend them.
3. Would you rather have to talk backward or walk backwards? talk backward. Think of how cool that would be!?!?!! Hard, but cool... ;)
4.How did you get into American girl Dolls? Well, my Grandma gets each of use girls (and my cousins) a doll when they're about 6-7. I got my first doll when I was 6, Kit, I was so proud of her, and sometime I will share a story with you... Comment if you want to hear it, and as soon as I see 5 people comment saying they want to see it, I will post it...
5.What is your favorite season and why? fall and Spring. I like Summer because there isn't any school, but it's a little too hot. I mean, great for the pool, but, not for out of the pool... Not so much I mean.
I don't like Winter, period. Exclamation point! TOO COLD!
But Fall (or Autumn) and Spring are in between! Just what I like...

Thanks so much for reading this! You can answer the questions, too! Thank you also to Calmity, for the questions.

'till next time,

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P.P.S. Please get your entries for my contest(s) in! (oh, and vote!!)

P.P.P.S. Sorry about the 'no craft' yesterday. I know some of you are waiting for it, but I PROMISE I will have one next week. AND ALSO, some amazingly cool (and new) things are coming up! (yes, including the new them, do you like it?)

September 3, 2011

Sorry it's been so long... And some amazingly good news! Part One

I am now back from camping. Ahhh, it was quite relaxing, and refreshing. Perfect to get ready for school. 
As you might know, today is a very special day for me. It be my Birthday! :)
Yes, yes. I will be 14, soon... (I was born in the afternoon)
And also, I got my laptop yesterday! :) I am so excited about that! I didn't get either of the ones I was originally going to get. They were both discontinued... >:(
But I DID get a better one! 
Surprise, surprise...
I got (let me just figure out which computer I actually got. quickly...) a Pavilion g4 g4- 1125dx (I didn't re-write the g4 twice, that is what it says on the box) 
It has:

  • AMD Phenom tm ll Dual-Core Mobile Processor P650 (2.6GHz)
  • 14" Diagonal HD BrightView LED Display
  • 500GB Hard Drive (!!)
  • 4096MB DDR3 SDRAM
  • WLAN
  • DVD Optical Drive
  • Genuine Windows R 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
I, of course, only know what about half of that means...
But it has a Microphone, Webcam, CD/DVD Drive, USB port(s), Windows 7 Premium (so it has Windows Live Movie Maker), SD Card Slot... And other stuff I wanted/ needed, so I am totally happy with it.
It was $420.00! :)

I will make a new post with pictures from camping (we saw much wildlife, and even some in places... We didn't think it was... needed.

Stay tuned for Part Two!!

'till next time,

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