September 11, 2011

Five Question Sunday!

Thank you to Calmity for this weeks' questions! :) Click on her name to go to her blog, comment, follow, and read it.

1.What word do you feel like you use the most? Hmmm, I don't know... Wow, that's hard... I say stinky a lot when something goes wrong, but the word I probably use most is 'like'... ;)
2.What is your favorite Bible story? Esther and Ruth. ALL the way, I get so much inspiration from them! I totally recommend them.
3. Would you rather have to talk backward or walk backwards? talk backward. Think of how cool that would be!?!?!! Hard, but cool... ;)
4.How did you get into American girl Dolls? Well, my Grandma gets each of use girls (and my cousins) a doll when they're about 6-7. I got my first doll when I was 6, Kit, I was so proud of her, and sometime I will share a story with you... Comment if you want to hear it, and as soon as I see 5 people comment saying they want to see it, I will post it...
5.What is your favorite season and why? fall and Spring. I like Summer because there isn't any school, but it's a little too hot. I mean, great for the pool, but, not for out of the pool... Not so much I mean.
I don't like Winter, period. Exclamation point! TOO COLD!
But Fall (or Autumn) and Spring are in between! Just what I like...

Thanks so much for reading this! You can answer the questions, too! Thank you also to Calmity, for the questions.

'till next time,

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P.P.P.S. Sorry about the 'no craft' yesterday. I know some of you are waiting for it, but I PROMISE I will have one next week. AND ALSO, some amazingly cool (and new) things are coming up! (yes, including the new them, do you like it?)


  1. i'd like to hear the Kit story please! :) LOVE your blog colors/look! it looks cool :) i totally agree w/ your thoughts on weather/seasons.

  2. So cool! :)
    I follow by email!:D
    I would love to see your Kit story!=D


  3. Hannah- Thanks! :) I could do it for you, if you wanted... :)
    lol, yeah... Specially since we live in the same State... ;)

    Mackenzie- Thank you so much!!

    3 more people... :)

  4. maybe i'd like that! :) but not right now. thanks for the offer!


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