September 18, 2011

Five Question Sunday

Sooo sorry about the lack of doll crafts!! :( My sister was having a sleep over with two of (our) her friends, and I was invited... :)
SO, I didn't exactly have time yesterday...
I'll do it sometime this week, though! :)

This weeks' questions are from Brusselsprouthead (click on the name to go to her blog. Read, comment, follow! :)

What colors do you like your cows? Well, I don't have any cows... But if I did, I think Black and White. The normal colors...
Favorite yogurt flavor? The stuff with the yummy cream on the top! :d Mmmmm
Favorite nail polish color? I don't use nail polish.
Favorite comedy? (How about comedian??) Brad Stine and Tim Hawkins (look on Youtube, they're both Christian comedians, so there isn't anything bad.)
Favorite crayon? Brand? Or type? Or Color? Since you didn't specify: Crayola, Sparkly, Pink (and Lime Green).

Thanks so much, Brusselsprouthead! 

'till next time,

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