September 12, 2011

Please Pray! And some exciting news!

My Dad is going through Surgery RIGHT NOW, and prayers would be greatly appreciated.
What happened:
He was walking to get a bag of popcorn (we were watching a movie), and on his way back, he stepped on a needle, and it went all the way through his foot and went into his bone. Eye first.
He went to the ER, and they sent him home, he went to his Doctor the next day, and the Doctor didn't want to do it right then, he said it wouldn't be good for either of them, so, he scheduled an appointment for Today, at 4:45. It
s 5:03. So, if you have time, please pray for him.
(the Surgery should take an hour, and then he'll probably be there for an hour recovering.

My Dad has been through a LOT he had a Cancerous tumor in his Vertebrae a couple of years back, and they had to remove that. But, it had gotten bad because he had so many PET scans and they couldn't find ANY Cancer because it was in the Vertebrae.
He survived that, and then a couple weeks ago his feet started feeling numb again, he had another PET scan, and they found nothing. He felt better after that, and he started eating again (he had a 3-day fast).

So, this is pretty big. He's on crutches. The whole shebang.

So prayers would be lovely.

Beleive me, we've had many, many Many, MaNy, MANy, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY other things liekt his including:
My baby sister not even two months old had a pot of soup (right off the stove) fall on her arm and she had third degree burns. I'll post a picture of what that looks like NOW, eventually...
It was a really scary time for us.
My Opa (Grandpa in Dutch) had Heart problems also a few years back, and he had to go through surgery.
And recently my mom got bitten by a poisonous spider (she was in Indiana), and it was really really bad. When something touched it- it- it... I can't even explain it. It was amazingly painful for her.

As you can see, we've been through a LOT.

So, if you could pray...

The exciting news is I HAVE 30 FOLLOWERS! I would LOVE more, you know... ;)
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I love you. Thank you so much for following.

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'til next time,

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