November 4, 2011

It just can't be done...

Have you ever had that time in your life where it just can't be done?
Well, I am having that lately. Today I had a History test AND a Science test. Plus a whole bunch of math to do with my mom. And somehow, I had to fit in two instrument practices, literature, writing and memorizing Psalm 2 (I had memorized all the verses, I just needed to put them together and say it to my mom).
Along with that, I needed to write more of my novel for NaNoWriMo.
haha, boy am I busy!

I did very well on my History test, and pretty well on my Science test (a's for both) and I am understanding my math much better. (yay me!)
I completed Psalm 2 in less than 10 minutes (wowzers!). And got in two good thorough practices.
Plus I wrote 602 words on my novel. And my sister edited 3 pages.

But there are some things that really just can't be done. Now, I won't name them so as to bore you, but I must admit, there are quite a few of those things that just can't be done.

So, here I sit with my Limeade-Strawberry (slushie) drink... (recipe: Really simple, REALLY yummy!)

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?

Here is a little excerpt from the novel I am writing:
(PLEASE NOTE: it is unedited and is very liable to change, and it belongs to ME; no stealing.)

After school that day I had started practicing. But that practicing went horribly. I was so frustrated. Nothing was going right. Nothing.
And Nicki chose the worst time ever to come.
I was practicing a really difficult passage right when she came up the drive. Boy, was that a hard passage. And every single note was wrong. Yep. Every single one. I was so frustrated. She walked through the door, and I was mad at her.

'till next time,


yes, you have a beautiful soul.