November 17, 2011

NaNoWriMo goal is REACHED!

I'm actually really surprised that I reached my goal this fast. It *was* only 7,000, but I have been extremely busy as of late... sooo...

  1. Well, my novel is actually quite far away from being done. But, I should be able to finish it by the time November is over I think... (I hope) there are quite a few stages it needs to go through:Finish it (that's always a goof place to start, right?)
  2. Let my sister edit it and edit in my sisters' edits.
  3. Let one of my friends edit it and put her edits in.
  4. Let my sister edit it *again* and put the edits to good use (i. e. edit them into my novel)
  5. Let my friend edit it and edit in her edits. (yeah, you get the story...)
  6. Keep doing steps 2-5 until there are no more edits.
  7. Do all the thanks, and dedication (if there is any)
  8. Name it. (this might be moved... I really need help with names, so if you have any ideas... it's about two friends who are having friendship problems and much more. If you read the summary and the excerpt: Then that will help you... :-) please give me some ideas!)
  9. Do anything else I need to do (lovely step, don't you think?)
  10. Get my free copies (I get five)
  11. Decide who the copies will go to. This is going to be a hard one... :P

Well, thank you for reading that boring checklist! :D
Please give me some ideas for names! :D

Thanks so much!

Some more stuff:
71 pages
7 chapters
7,000 words (7, 017 now)
(I just realized that all that stuff has a 7 in it... As the first thing... :D I guess '7' is my 'lucky number'! No, just kidding. ;) )
Here are a couple screen shots for you to look over and enjoy... XD (click to see them bigger)

'till next time,
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P.P.S. sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have been sooo busy + I had this NaNoWriMo thing, so you should be able to understand... ;)

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