November 29, 2011


As you may know, I love the Packers. I live in WI, so it does make sense.
As  you may further know, they are 11-0. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, 11-0 means they have won 11 games and lost 0) (and also, the Packers are a Pro football team; the best, actually! Considering they won the Super Bowl last year, AND they are doing the best in our division.)
Well, anyway, this last game, Aaron Rodgers (Packers quarter back) won the Gobbling Gobbler trophy. That is the trophy for one of the players on the team that won the Thanksgiving game. We won the game, so the trophy went to Aaron Rodgers:

Here is Aaron Rodgers with the trophy he won. 
Here are a few more pictures:

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

'till next time,
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  1. A FEW pictures? I'd hate to see what a LOT of pictures would be... :D

  2. haha, okay, FINE a medium-sized amount of pictures. XD

  3. GO PACK GO! PACKERS RULE! I LOVE Aaron rodgers, Clay Mathews, and Randal Cobb! (I live in Kentucky so I LOVE randal cobb!)

  4. P.S. It's me Grace ffrom the MB! I miss U!

  5. haha, me too! XD I also like LOTS of other players!! :D A-Rod is my favorite, though... XD
    You live where Liz lives! That's so cool! :D

    Thanks so much! I miss all you girls, too. But I just don't always have time to spend a lot of time there... (if any!) Maybe during Christmas break! :D
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)


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