November 10, 2011

When Fall Sends It's Snow

I love this one -- it's so pretty!

Unfortunately, snow has come, though it isn't quite sticking to the ground, it has come.
I mean, I like snow, and it is really gorgeous, but, it just lasts for so long, and you I get extremely tired of it, it's also not so fun when we play Frisbee. I much prefer playing Frisbee on (dry[ish]) grass.

The snowflakes were really big today. This is pretty much our 'first snow', although, it did snow yesterday (for about 3 minutes tops), I will consider this our first snow.

You know what? Snow is actually really depressing. At least for us, here in WI. Because it stays so long. Once it starts, you won't see grass for months, yes, months. I think that's why I really don't want it to snow.

But, if it started right before Christmas, and was going by February, I would be happy. But, it doesn't (stinky, right?) Because I love snow at Christmas.
If there isn't any snow at Christmas, it isn't 'Christmas' here.

So, I do like snow. But I don't like 'early' snow. (technically, it isn't early, but to me, it is.)
But, God gave it to us, so I will thank him for it. It is pretty...

So, since it was our first snow, I decided to take some pictures of it! :) (these are all taken from inside)
(I had a really difficult time watermarking them. :P I did all the watermarking, then I uploaded them, but I got the copies that weren't watermarked, so I uploaded them again, and again they weren't watermarked [I did upload the ones that were watermarked] then I decided, just skip all that, and upload them from the actual Picasa program on my laptop. I saved it as a draft, and here we are, finally!)

I really like how this one turned out (although, the first one will still be my favorite). But there isn't much snow... :(

Do you have snow yet? Do you ever get snow? What is your favorite picture?

This one is neat, I think.

I love this one! Can you find the watermark?

This one, too. Find the watermark!

Thanks so much for reading and looking at the pictures! Answer the questions, and if you answer them all comment PB&J, and I will give you a shout-out in my next post, (don't forget to give me the link to your blog so I can give the links in the post.)

You all have a fantastic day,

P.S. Don't forget to vote for your favorite picture!


  1. We usually don't get snow here in South Texas--so we don't have it now. This year (in January) we did, but that was the first time it had snowed in a long time, and it was a treat!

    Hmmm...I think my favorite photograph is the first one, too. I love all the snow! ;)


    link is

  2. We usually get LOTS of snow, but not a TON if you know what I mean. My favorite picture is the first though! IT is beautiful!


  3. Hannah- That is true. But WI always gets cold, and as long as I can remember, there has always been snow... So it's not quite a treat for us, but I can see clearly why it would be for you. :)

    Sapphire- haha, yeah, I get what you mean. :) Thank you!

  4. Oh my goodness those are pretty! :) I think the first one is my favorite, too. In south GA, we hardly ever get snow [probably three times in the last 10 years, and even then it doesn't last long, and never sticks. :(]
    I love the watermark placement on the trees. :) Interesting! :D
    Have a great day!

  5. Love the pictures!!! I TOTALLY agree w/ what you said about snow!!!! :P Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Kellee- Thank you!
    Wow! I can understand that, it just seems so... idk, weird to think other people don't get snow, because we get SO MUCH!
    Thanks! :D I had fun with those... ;)
    Will post your blog... :-)

    Hannah- Thanks! :D
    lol, yeah, we get it about the same, cuz we don't live too fair away from each other... At least not compared to these other girls... ;)
    You too!


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