December 27, 2011

2011 is almost out the door :'( And Christmas stuff because I forgot... :P

What a title! Wowzers! :P

Anyway, as you must know (you already know, I am sure), 2011 is just about out the door.
Here is what I did on Christmas.
I went to church...
I went home, changed, and then went to my grandparents house (moms side), where we ate a brunch (yum!) and then watched TV, played games, talked...
after a while, we opened our gifts.
I got:
a polka dotted storage bin (Target) It's super huge! And I love it!

Black Sequined fashion scarf (Kohls)
I know it's not the best photo, but I couldn't find a stock picture... :P

I also got money.

We still have my dads side of Christmas (Friday), so I will make a new thread about that stuff...

Thanks for reading/looking!!
'till next time,
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December 17, 2011

Blog Design! (1)

Hannah, over at The Weaver Girl, asked me to makeover her blog for her.

The completed design (click to see it enlarged):

For more information on how YOU can have a makeover (free!) go here:

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December 13, 2011

Rachy's Journal ~ Part One

As some of you may or may not know, this comes from my sisters' blog: Go check it out! and follow! *grin*

A fill-in-the-blanks for those days when inspiration eludes me

Date: Tuesday, December 13. 2011

Time: 2:22 pm

Thought/Quote/Verse/Idea for the day: Only God Knows what is going to happen next. All you have to do is make the right choices and live one day at a time.

I got up at: around 8:00-8:30 a.m. :P

I am listening to: There's a Place For Us By Carrie Underwood (Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)

I most recently ate: Lunch- Potato patties and raw cabbage (I love raw cabbage... Call me weird)

I am currently working on: School... :P

Comfort food/beverage at the moment: Nothing I have at the moment, but I really, really want some cheese popcorn... *mmmhmm*

I am looking forward to: playing the Nancy Drew- Captive Curse that the UPS man just dropped off about five minutes ago... :D

I am reading: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I am memorizing: Psalms five. (I know, it is short... :P)

I am thinking: The lyrics of the song I am listening to (read above...)

Plans for the day: Playing Captive Curse, finishing school... (finishing school comes first... ;) )

In my hair: nothing. it's down

Most recently wrote: a math problem. Other than that, it's this :P

I am thankful for: My family, my house, everything I have! I am feeling very, very blessed right now.

I am wearing: jeans (Khols) short sleeve blue shirt (Khols) white sweatshirt with 'Aeropostale' written on it (Aeropostale), boots (Target)

My surroundings: My living room

I am craving: Cheese popcorn ;)

I should be: doing my math. :P

Tomorrow I will: do the dishes ICK! :P

Book I am contemplating reading next: Mozart's Sister

Random fact about myself: I love Nancy Drew PC games... :P

The weather is: warm! I cannot believe this! I can't remember when it was last warm in DECEMBER in WISCONSIN!! =O

Any library books at the moment: Nope!

Movie(s) I watched within the week: The Nativity Story and A Christmas Story I think that's it.

Indignant about: Nothing.

Random movie/book quote that's running through my head: 'Flushed with victory, you examine your 14 hotdogs only to find that they are now inside Spot' ~Rocky and Bullwinkle- How to remove an Unwanted Houseguest, and make more Living Room. (

Scratchy pen or smooth pen: Smooth!!

Last thing I threw away: Uh, I really have no idea... Maybe a tissue??

Last item I bought/received: the American Girl Special Edition Magazine, and The Captive Curse Nancy Drew PC game

I am wondering: the code to my brothers lock... ?

Song stuck in my head: There's a place for Us By Carrie Underwood

Most recent crazy plan: uhm, nothing?

I learned today: That I have to do some problems in my math WITHOUT a calculator! What am I going to do?? ;)


'till next time,
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December 7, 2011

The Truth of the One Dollar Bill

I was Googling  'The Unfinished Portrait" by Gilbert Stuart, and if you didn't know, he drew the picture of George Washington that is on the one dollar bill. It's called 'The Athenaeum' (aka 'The Unfinished Portrait')
Not my pic!
I then googled the one dollar bill (because I didn't have one on hand) and I came across this article.
I read the the whole thing, and it was extremely interesting!

tell me what you think!
'till next time,
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December 3, 2011

Christmas Tag

Hey all!
Vivy tagged me in this Christmas Tag, so, here I am! :D

  1. Link to the person/blog you got tagged from
  2. Do the tag
  3. Tag three people!
So, here's the tag:

Is your Christmas tree up?
Yes! I am so happy it is! :)

How about the rest of your decorations?
Yep, except not the lights, yet...

Do you have an artificial tree or a real tree?
Real. My parents wanted to get a fake one, but us kids wouldn't let them... ;)

Do you have any lights or decorations outside?
Yep, some wreaths, lights and some cute snowman made out of wood on our porch. (stay tuned for a video on it all!)

Do you have a favorite ornament on the tree?
Yes! It's a cute little egg that's painted as a chicken with polka dots:

How many Christmas trees do you usually have up?
One. We used to get two, but not anymore.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever gotten?
That is hard! Probably my first American Girl Doll. ;)

Who do you celebrate Christmas with?
On Christmas Eve (evening) we celebrate with the family. On Christmas Day we celebrate with my Mom's side, then a week after (or something around that) we celebrate with my Dad's side... :)

What is your favorite Christmas song?
While You Were Sleeping (see recent post about it) is my favorite, but I also like: Carol of the Bells, Winter Wonderland, Jingle Bell Rock...

What is your favorite Christmas food?
Ooh, maybe the cookies my sister makes?? Probably not, but I can't think of any... XD

What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Oh, I don't know! I think I'll have to update this when I think of a good one... :P

Do you have trouble falling asleep on Christmas eve?
Yeah, I think so... ;)

What time do you usually wake up on Christmas morning?
earlier than usual (7-8) XD :P

Do you do any special traditions for Christmas?
Yep! (this is from a different post of mine...) There is one thing I like above all the others-
We have this really special nativity scene. It's really pretty, and very realistic. 
Every year my dad waits for us all to go to bed, then he hides all the pieces to it. 
Since we don't know the day dad hides them, we will unexpectedly find them. 
Mostly my dad hides them where we (are supposed) to do chores or other fun places.
The tradition has changed over the years as we all got older, but we still find them, and it's still a ton of fun.

But during the Christmas season we have to be careful where we sit, what we wear, and where we lay our heads! Why? Almost every year, my dad hides one or more in a coat, or in a pillow etc.

I hope you enjoyed them!
I tag: JocelynRoseMiss Raquel, and Hannah!
'till next time,
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