January 13, 2012

Mr. Weapon Man

This is a story directed (I typed it, he told me what to type) by my little brother (7), I am sorry if there are mistakes, I didn't really have a lot of time for proof-reading.
I hope you find it somewhat enjoyable, it was so cute to write!
(Oh, by the way, he should warn you there are a lot of 'One day's that make no sense, and there are a lot of them, too. :) )

Mr. Weapon Man

Once upon a time there was somebody named Michael. He was always a very good hunter. He almost had all the weapons to kill the biggest bear in the entire world. One day, he was on his ship and killed the biggest bear in the entire world! I mean, he has tons of weapons! his entire body is full of weapons. He has lines of guns, and lines of swords, lines of long pistols, lines of spears and a house. The house was not in ordinary house. It was a light house. And he had three layers of cannons on all his ships. He had almost one hundred ships. But he did not know what he could do with them all. One day it was snowing and he couldn’t use any of his ships because the water was ice. One day the snow all melted and there was houses everywhere. His lighthouse was the best lighthouse in the entire world. He had the biggest army in the entire world. One day he was traveling in the deep woods. He was not finding anything but finally he found the biggest lion in the entire world. One day he was in one of his ships traveling and he found the biggest shark in the entire world. “Oh my word!” said Michael. “This is the biggest thing that we have ever caught.” He ordered his cannon be shot at the shark. But the shark turned out to be gone. Then one of his boats got blown up. Thankfully he was not on it! A penny of his army died. When he had no food that means it was winter. When he liked planes he flew them all the time. His army killed the entire world. One day he invented paper airplanes. He put real guns on them and a cannon. This was super-cool! He gave almost all of the planes to his army except for one, that was the best plane in the world. One day he was on his ship with his entire army. This was the biggest ship in the entire world! But he didn’t make any more paper airplanes now, he had way too many! One day, on his ship, he blew up the second biggest ship with the smallest ship. He was so proud! One day he invented the biggest real plane in the entire world. One day he was inventing the smallest lighthouse in the entire world. One day (again) he was shining the lighthouse’s light, made out of Lego™(s). He invented a whole other Lego™ thing. Like an Atlantis sub. He said ‘Atlantis sub is a good idea. We should build it!” He invented the biggest sub in the entire world. One trillion cannons. Then he invented a few small ones to be in the big one. One day it was snowing, he could not use any of his things except for the planes. He was bummed!

The End.

What'd you think? Wasn't it cute?
'till next time,
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