January 15, 2012


Haha, here are some new ones. They are quite a bit shorter. The second and third are completely hers. Word-for-word.
First one... I helped her out a little bit. ;)

These were directed (typed by me) by my little sister, Lydia, (age 3)

They are ADORABLE! <3

Once upon a time a girl died. And someone came, and he was going to kiss her to make her live again. But he didn’t know she died of smallpox, so then he died.
The End.

Once upon a time a little baby died and it wanted a crib and naptime and it went on E’s lap. And when in time to e and her was alive and e sat her on her lap.
The End

Once upon a time a little baby died, and it went in its crib and it flied out of the window. And went on a tree. And it got stuck on the tree, and it’s mama got it down and mama flied out of the windew and got it her down. And it went on a number. Then it ride on the couch to **enter name of a place*?* and someone killed a bear. And someone had to take a nap by its crib on the porch and its mama took it out. It went on a stick! And it sat down on the tree for a while. And it went on e’s lap, and went on the tree. Then it got buried. And everyone live happily ever after!
The End.

?I said to enter a place because I can't share the real place. Sorry!
Apparently, she is very interested in dead babies.
Oh *gasp* how morbid!
'till next time,
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yes, you have a beautiful soul.