February 18, 2012


If it isn't boring enough. I am sick. Oh, so sick. :P
I have only been sick once before during this winter.
I don't know, but it seems to me that the less you are sick during the year the worse the sickness is when you get it.
At least for ME it seems that way.
I have some kind of cold-thing. With my temperature at 102 I also have a sore throat and my neck is super sore. I can't even move it in some directions- which really stinks because I like moving my neck in a full range of motion. ;-)
No, but it is really sore.
And to top that all off, my head feels like someone put a giant clamp on it and is closing it tighter all the time.
UGH. This is so annoying.
And, I have like a little stomach ache.
I got like no hours of sleep last night because I kept having weird dream-type things and I felt so horrid.
Maybe I shouldn't have gone to bed when I did (around 12:30- 1:00 am) (we had a game night with our Frisbee friends- that's why I went to bed so late.) that surely didn't help.
But, its all done.
I'm on pain reliever just about 24/7 which isn't good for my sickness (not horrid, though) because it will take longer for it to all go away.
Ugh, pooh.
ANYWAY, other than all that boring info (which is horrid), there is some good.
I think...
Hmm, let me think... :-/
I bought a sewing pattern yesterday and got new lenses for my glasses yesterday. (not that that is very exciting)
I wanna take some pictures.
OOOOH! No! I forgot to get my etsy restarted on Thursday (started it on the 16th of Feb. 2011 and wanted to restart it on the same day a year later. UGh! well, its only two days later... :-/
I'll do that today hopefully...

As for the giveaway (which I am extremely sorry that I haven't put up yet [you can still enter my other giveaway]) it will start soon (like, after I get my etsy back up and running...).
If you want, there is a gadget on the side of my blog for my Etsy, so you can click on that and browse... And if you want to buy something- I'm totally cool with that. ;)

Well, I think I will end this boring post. Just kind of an update. XD ;)

'till next time,

P.S. Don't forget to enter the Photography contest- Activity three! There are only two rounds left! Info: http://rachyracheshobbycorner.blogspot.com/2011/11/photography-contest-round-three.html


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