March 23, 2012

Photography // Me // Well, isn't this grand...

Yeah, those days where everything seems to go wrong? Yeah, I know about those days. Considering there's one right in front of me. And its just starting.
Here's a song for you (kinda fitting?): 
"Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

I'm listening to it on repeat right at this moment.
Okay, so maybe this day hasn't been so bad yet. But there's still a lot of the day left.

Haha, enough about dreary thoughts! I got some nice pictures yesterday!
Here they are:
((it may not look like it, but it was dusk outside.)
Can you find the bird? (the flash was on, which was weird- haha)

This one I am entering into Lucia's Photo Challenge

lucia, etc.

Any favorites?

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March 20, 2012

photography// when i take pictures, i take pictures

Last Saturday I brought the camera outside and started shooting. I was just planning on taking a couple pictures.
But a couple turned into a few, and a few turned into many, and many turned into around 63 -- but, before you exit this post, please know that some were of family members and I am not allowed to post them.
Here you go! =)
This was my doorknob. I kinda zoomed in and got... bokeh! ;)

more bokeh!

basketball. One of my favorite things to do recently (I kinda discovered I liked it around last year, and am now hooked. I usually shoot hoops a few times a day- unless its cold, wet, or I just don't have time. anyway, I was stopping a ball that my brother threw at me WHEN I was holding the camera, and thought it may be a cool shot.

neither of these houses belong to us.

Spring is definitely here. =D

Sun flare!

A lot of people don't know that we own about an acre of land, and about a third of it is woods. In an upcoming photo post you will see a bit more of these woods. =D

The bracelets I was wearing that day. 

bokeh on the bracelets.

We need a new photo subject right about now. XD

I've always had a weakness for these tree shots. :P

Some kind of paint ball that my youngest sister (3) is holding.

pretty flowers!

Any favorites?

I hoped you liked the (many) pictures!

Also- I really feel like doing a tutorial on something. Weather it be on my computer (which I can do) or anything else, please let me know what you would like to see! =D
~Rachel Nicole

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PS- I just realized I forgot to watermark/edit these photos. :( But I am NOT taking them off after it took forever to put them up. ah, well. Maybe later. ;) Well, no stealing!

March 14, 2012


Happy Pi day!
No im not talking about pie.
im talking about Pi (3.141592...)

BUT you can combine them:
Now THAT is cute.

Now, the title? Yeah, about that. Well, as you know today IS 3/14 but the year is NOT 1592. No way- it's 2012!?
Well, yeah... But what would it have been like to live in that year? I mean, if you looked at (or knew) more characters of Pi you would know that 3.14 are not the only numbers in Pi. Pi goes on forever- it never ends.
To inform you who don't know what the next four numbers of Pi are (and by know you SHOULD) 1592.
Yeah, so, it would have been cool to live in that year. Although, come to think of it, those people (probably like Renaissance?) (just googled it. Yes, I am right. Wow! Im right on that!? I think like some Eleanor's dad [or her] was ruling some part of some country. XD They were like barons or something- I know all that from a Dear America diary, but, as you can see, the only details I can provide are the girls' name... :P Oh! i remember- they ruled over... Aquitaine? something like that... )
here's a picture of her:
Unfortunately, after researching her, she ruled in 11?? so, she wasn't here in 1592. But, I'll do a little more research and see who was ruling France in 1592. =D

Okay, well, it was a King of Scots, so, maybe not France but- close enough. 
his name was James VI. Not the prettiest guy in the world... :-/

Anyway, I am totally digressing... :P
so... where was I??
"Although, come to think of it, those people"
those were the last words before I digressed a whole paragraph and two pictures. o.O Ignore me...

Although, come to think of it, those people probably didn't even know about Pi... So, it kinda comes to nothing. :-/
But, its still cool to think about!?
yeah, okay...

so, you get a post AND a history lesson!! How completely awesome is that?
Zilch-o! XD

Okay, now, you all have a wonderful day. I know I will! For heavens sake we have a high of 75 degrees here (in MARCH!?) how could I NOT have a nice day!?

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