March 20, 2012

photography// when i take pictures, i take pictures

Last Saturday I brought the camera outside and started shooting. I was just planning on taking a couple pictures.
But a couple turned into a few, and a few turned into many, and many turned into around 63 -- but, before you exit this post, please know that some were of family members and I am not allowed to post them.
Here you go! =)
This was my doorknob. I kinda zoomed in and got... bokeh! ;)

more bokeh!

basketball. One of my favorite things to do recently (I kinda discovered I liked it around last year, and am now hooked. I usually shoot hoops a few times a day- unless its cold, wet, or I just don't have time. anyway, I was stopping a ball that my brother threw at me WHEN I was holding the camera, and thought it may be a cool shot.

neither of these houses belong to us.

Spring is definitely here. =D

Sun flare!

A lot of people don't know that we own about an acre of land, and about a third of it is woods. In an upcoming photo post you will see a bit more of these woods. =D

The bracelets I was wearing that day. 

bokeh on the bracelets.

We need a new photo subject right about now. XD

I've always had a weakness for these tree shots. :P

Some kind of paint ball that my youngest sister (3) is holding.

pretty flowers!

Any favorites?

I hoped you liked the (many) pictures!

Also- I really feel like doing a tutorial on something. Weather it be on my computer (which I can do) or anything else, please let me know what you would like to see! =D
~Rachel Nicole

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PS- I just realized I forgot to watermark/edit these photos. :( But I am NOT taking them off after it took forever to put them up. ah, well. Maybe later. ;) Well, no stealing!


  1. How about HTML? In still con fuzzed about that...

  2. haha, I can try. Just like basic HTML... That's really hard to do. It took me months to figure it out- and I'm still learning!

  3. I love them! Tree pictures are a weakness of mine, too. :)

  4. haha, they are so easy to get great pictures of. :P


  5. Your pictures are beautiful! Just a teensy tip from one photographer to another: when you're taking bokeh pictures, you normally have something in focus... otherwise it just looks like an out-of-focus picture to people who don't know what bokeh is. See my pictures here:
    I love your blog! :)

  6. Thanks! I am very glad you like it! That always makes my day. =)
    I know about the bokeh. But there wasn't anything to be in-focus, so I couldn't really do that. I know many people who go out of focus to get it, and I have many pictures of bokeh with things in-focus. =)


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