April 5, 2012

Life // Finally.

That is about the only word I can find to express my feelings on this subject.
As some of you may know, I told you I decided not to get Kanani. For two reasons:
1. Because I wasn't so 'into' American Girl at that time.
2. I wanted to save for 'something else'.
And I didn't tell you what that 'other thing' was.
for a reason.
Well, I can tell you know that I wasn't positive if I was going to be able to get it.
But I saved.

and saved.
(including Christmas money)
Then this past weekend, I got a babysitting job (been doing a lot of that lately. haha)
And I knew.
I knew that that would be just enough money for 'it'.
Next day, I went and asked my dad.
And he said YES!
So, he asked my mom (you'll see why)
and she said yes.
And then later on Sunday we went to the store in which the item I was going to buy was located.

And I bought my item.

I've wanted an iPod for about... Hmm, four years? So, it was very exiting for me to finally get it. haha

 I got the white version...

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Sorry about the bad quality... haha I also got 32 GB. =D
So! Sorry this is soo late, but I have been very busy. But my Spring break starts today, so, yeah! =D
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  1. Sweet! I have white iPod touch too! Don't you just love it????? ;)


  2. I'm so jealous! I'm saving for one right now! The bad thing is I spent every cent of my Christmas money and right now I'm at $7.50. I had to take like part of what I had (which is why I only have $7.50) and put it towards my mom's birthday present. How long did it take you to save?

    P.S. I'm wanting the white one too;)

  3. AWESOME!! I have 2 iPod touches and a family iPad!:) I have had an iPod touch for about 3 years, since I was seven or eight.

  4. Hannah- haha, just wondering- which Hannah are you. :P
    Aww, that stinks. well, I am sure you'll get enough money eventually! =)
    Hmm, I started in November or December... So... Like 4-6 months?? Yeah, something around that (including Christmas money, haha)
    Only problem for me is that my bank account is drained because I haven't been putting anything in it since... Last summer, (saved for a laptop, then an iPod)

    Emma- Just wondering- why on earth do you need two?
    thats cool!

  5. I'm the Hannah who has Kit, Emily, Addy and Kanani dolls. Ring a bell?

  6. Hannah- OH! The one who (when we first met on the MB) used to be something about Narnia? Like Crazy something Narnia? Aww, so glad you came here! =D

  7. Yep, NarniaCrazy, that was my first name. Haha, why did I change it? I love Narnia!

  8. Yeah! thats what it is. =D
    haha, you and me both, girl!

  9. Did you really save up all of those coins in jar? Or is that off of the Internet?

  10. haha, no, I didn't. I got tat picture from Pinterest. =)


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