April 13, 2012

Life// Design// new design and some sad stuff.

Do you like my new header? I do! I have been planning this header for... Like forever. But I only just got around to doing it. =P

Oh, and I reached my image quota on Picasa for this blog. :( So, I probably will have to pay to get more. >:( 
ah, its either that or delete the blog.
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  1. AAHH!! You are kidding about deleting the blog right?:(

  2. I recommend using Flickr for your pictures. It's free and makes the pictures better quality than they'd be on Blogger... Still, I'd recommend only choosing photos you're sure to upload on your blog, because it's easy to run out of space (on Flickr) :) I use Flickr, and I basically just click on the picture, then click on "Share," then on "HTML code" or whatever it is. ;) From there I just choose the right dimensions and copy the code, then paste it into my post! :) Hope this helped. ;)



  3. Emma- Yes, I was kidding. haha, I could never delete my blog. ;)
    But thank you for saying that- it makes me feel better to know that some people really DO like my blog. :)

    Hannah- I could do the same thing with photobucket. And I would, if I had time. I just don't. I know it sounds weird, but that just takes so long to do. I'm not good with patience.
    What I am going to do, is I am going to delete all my AG albums that I don't want/need there. Which will be pretty much all of them. :P
    And, I know I will eventually need more space. $5.00/yr is not a lot of money, so I know that I will eventually have to do it, and I'm fine with it. But thank you for your suggestion! I love to hear from people. =D


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