April 27, 2012

Life // Photography // auditions + surgery

wow. I really never thought my life would get like this.
I mean, really.
I'm having surgery!? 
There is no way that two years ago. Well, last year, even, I thought that I would be having surgery in 2012. I AM only 14.
But, I am having surgery.
And an audition.
But I have those every year, so, not a big deal.
My audition is on Viola. And its at 6:40 PM tonight.
oh, any my surgery, well, you're probably wondering about that.
As you may or may not know, I am going to be getting braces soon.
yeah, very fun, right!? 
well, at my consultation my dentist noticed that my tonsils were... well, huge. Like really huge. They said I should go to a doctor and ask them what they think. Well, my doctor said I should go to a specialist in that department.
Well, I had another dentist consultation (for what they were going to do and everything) and they said that a lot of times the insurance doesn't pay to have tonsils out if the surgery would be cosmetic. But, they would pay for them if it could cause bigger problems later in life (for instance, not sleeping well, sleep apnea, bad snoring, and death)
So, we went to the specialist, and waited in the waiting room (they had The Incredible's on, haha).
Then we got called into the room.
The doctor looked at my tonsils for about half a second (after she asked a million questions) and said that they had to come out.
So, it wouldn't be cosmetic.
She also said that my adenoids (which were also too big) needed to come out, too.
Well, so, now we had the insurance on our side.
So, the surgery is going to be on Wednesday (this coming one) at 11 in the morning.
Prayers would be greatly appreciated for both my audition and my surgery.
So, yeah. Fun stuff coming up for me! Not.

Anyway,  I got a lot of pretty photos yesterday! 
I will share my favorite with you, and the rest (all 78 of them- they're all, not to brag, really pretty, so I think you should check them out. ;) ) are going to be on FTP today.

I adore this photo.
I mean, seriously! Look at that bokeh! ;)

Well, you all have a wonderful day. I'm off to take two tests and go to an audition after practicing my tail off.

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  1. Praying for you! Keep us updated! <3

  2. Thanks so much! I definitely will!
    Oh, and you might want to let Maribeth know that I won't be at GNC the day after. Recovery, that sort of thing. ;)

  3. I hope you feel okay after the surgery!

  4. Praying for you! Hope all goes well!


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