April 12, 2012

Life// thankfulness

I guess I always took everything for granted. Not that anything bad happened, but I just realized that I did take many things for granted. And one of them is being thankful. I never realized what it would be like if one of my parents... were not with me. Or my siblings for that matter. My siblings... well, they're siblings. You don't always get along, but you love them to death, and you don't realize that until it really hits you, or they die.
Thank goodness I had the former happen. No one died, thank heavens. 

Today after my viola lesson, my mom and I were talking about death (I know, what a morbid subject) and I came to thinking. I am missing so many rare and beautiful moments of life. Life that God gave me to live, enjoy and learn things. 

Us Christians weren't just put here to have fun every single moment of our life. We were put here to help other people learn what true happiness is. True happiness comes from God. So many people are missing that. They think that life is just a big party. They have to find their own happiness, and end up messing up their lives in the process. Broken, they stumble around until someone tells them that their life isn't over. That they still have a chance to get real happiness. To get a second chance.
And that is our job.

I think, that when we get to heaven, there will be that one moment, of utter despair and regret. That moment when we see all those people who we could have witnessed to but didn't.
Because we were too scared of what people might think.
(this song pretty much sums it up)

I realized that I had taken for granted that I even have a family. That my little sister survived her burn totally unharmed (other than her scar) (if you want to know that story, just comment. I might do it sometime. haha) That my dad survived cancer and chemo. And that he is still with us. 
That my mom survived a very bad miscarriage where she almost died. That my grandpa survived heart surgery. That my other grandpa (who is not with us anymore) lived so many long, happy years of life before his leukemia came back, and then died of it. 

I have so much to be thankful for. A strong family who loves me. Siblings who are all together and have fun with each other. (though, some of those times aren't the most fun. ;) )

What are you most thankful for?
I have gotten that question before. And I know its what everyone says, but the answer is my family and friends.
It's what everyone else says, and its a boring answer. 
But the thing is, that's what everyone is most thankful for.
What if you had no family? Think about how horrible that would be. Or what if you had no friends. No one likes you. I would feel terrible if no one liked me. 
But I'm surrounded by so many people who love me. And I take it for granted.

What if this ^ truly happened? You would realize right away that you took everything for granted.
And that would be horrible. 
You wouldn't have another chance to thank God for everything. To get it all back. It would be over.


And live life loving everything. Tell people about Him who gave you (and them) life. Because he did it for a reason.
Long before you were born, he had thought out your whole life, good and bad, happy and sad, discouraging and encouraging. He did this all because he loves you so much. More than anyone can ever love someone.
You were put here for a reason.

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  1. Love this. That one about waking up with only the things you thanked God for yesterday really hit me. It seems like a lot of times life gets to busy, but life can right quick-like get very UN-busy. I'm so thankful that I'm saved and that's one thing I don't have to worry about.
    Keep it up. :)

  2. Yes! I agree! He is a rock you can turn to at any moment. He is my rock that I turn to when I stumble.

    Thanks for the comment!


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