April 22, 2012

Photography // Butterflies + bugs + plants

So, yesterday I went outside. It wasn't like super warm, it was nice, but like, not super nice.
Okay, nuff of that. ;)
So, I decided I wanted pictures of bugs- you know, fast moving things. 
So, here they are. (oh, and of course I had to get some pictures of the gorgeous flowers... ;) )


Do you see the butterfly?

Some.... bean... leave... things... ;)

Lilacs! Which, by the way, smell amazing. 

a... bug... Not sure at all what kind it is. :P

white lilacs

Do you see the butterfly in this picture?

can you say WOW? I mean, you can see its EYES and stuff! XD

So amazing picture...

another. kind of bug. thing.

and this? Most amazing picture EVER? Well, what do you think of it? I absolutely ADORE it. ;) You?

a fly. XD

Any favorites?

Oh, and this:
is for my love of that *awesome* picture. ^^ ;)
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  1. Thanks! I have to agree. =] *wink*

  2. Very pretty!! :) Y'all have such gorgeous flowers, too!

  3. Thank you! hehe, yes, I know. ;) They are also very photogenic. ;)


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