April 6, 2012

Photography // Life // Easter Eggs

Its kind of a tradition with us to dye Easter eggs either the Saturday or the Friday before Easter, and this year was no exception.
My mom's mom comes over, and we get everything ready.

 We cover our (big) table with newspapers, get out the mugs, and fill them with water.

We also add the vinegar, but I didn't get a picture of that. ;)

Then we add the food coloring.

 Then, of course, you will need hard-boiled eggs. 

Then its time to dye!
my youngest sister.

my youngest brother

And then pictures of completed eggs. 

Any favorites?
What do you do for Easter?
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  1. Yes, we decorate eggs, too! Only we buy the egg kits and use them. But homemade looks like more fun! My younger brother actually decorated 1/3 of his eggs this morning (we each get 18 or 20 eggs to decorate). My older sister and I helped him. We all get to decorate tomorrow! I like the polka-dot eggs the best!

    Easter Blessings-


    P.S. Just so you know, we have the same food dye!

  2. haha, yeah, my mom's mom used to get us the kits, but everyone always preferred to do it this way. =)

    haha, thats interesting!


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