April 16, 2012

random five questions from Caro! {one}

Hello, all! 
I hope you all read my last (more serious) post. Because this one is going to be more of a 'fun one'.
Carolyn and I decided that we would each ask each other at least five questions each week (or at least we will try
And we will answer them on our blogs.
So, here we go:
1. What instruments do you play? I play the Viola and Piano. I can also play the Violin at about the same level as Viola, as I just switched this past year.

2. How long have you been playing those instruments? Piano 8 1/2 years, Violin 8 years, and Viola almost a year. But Viola and Violin are a lot alike, so, I pretty much picked up Viola where I left off Violin.
3. Who is your role model? Bethany Hamilton. She is so awesome and amazing. I love her.
4. What is your DREAM career? I would LOVE to be a designer, whether it be fashion or rooms or, really, anything. (before that I wanted to be an actress, but that could never happen) but I would be happy to be a pro photographer and/or a graphic designer.

5. Have you ever been so happy you CRIED? Yes. Many a time.

So! There!
any favorites?

If there are ANY questions you have to ask, go ahead, I will answer them. =)
Also, go to my FAQ page. I put some questions/answers there, too.

Is there anything you want me to do on my blog (tutorial? Anything?) if so, let me know!

now, go have an amazing day. or rest of day. XD

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  1. I used to play the violin. I play the flute now, though.

    Check out this link, although I see you were already nominated:


  2. hehe, thank you for nominating me, anyway! =)


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