April 27, 2012

random questions from Caro {two}

(read the first one here.)
--If you could play any sport, what would it be? Volleyball. without a doubt. Whenever I play it my legs and arms WON'T MOVE. annoying? yes. So, i don't really play very often. I wish i could, though! XD
--What is your favorite subject in school? Reading. but that isn't really a subject for me. XD I like writing, History is fine and Science is okay.
 --Least favorite subject? definitely math
--What is your favorite website? WHAT!? Well, I like my blog. XD I also like http://bethanyhamilton.com/about/bio/ i'm just cool like dat.  ;)
--What is your favorite store? WHAT!? I mean, ONE!? well, I like pretty much every clothing and office supply and camera store. XD yeah

Stay tuned for more!

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