May 5, 2012

five questions from Caro! {three}

It's that time again!
Here they are:

1. Are you going anywhere fun this summer? Well, I might be going to the American Girl benefit sale. I mean, I was going to, but I'm not sure I want to so much anymore. ahh, I have to decide.
We always go camping a couple times a year, so, yes. 
2. How long till you're out of school for the year? only 3 weeks. THEN FREEDOM! Kind of.
3. Do you have any Pillow Pets? No! :(
4. How many pairs of sunglasses do you own? None. I wear glasses, soo... well, actually, I do own a pair... But they're broken.
5. Do you own any rubber ducks? Nope. :(
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