May 20, 2012

life // photography // storm

The wind picks up, the trees blow- their leaves shake so much it seems as if they'll fall off.
The air gets cooler, the sky gray. The wind whips your hair and you hear a rumble in the distance.
The wind stops blowing as quickly as it started. The sky- still gray, shows signs of light, the wind slows down.
For a second, all is still.

And then the sky lights up, the wind picks up the trees shake their branches.
An exhilarating feeling starts at your toes and goes all the way to the roots of your hair.
A storm is brewing.
Another crack of thunder, seconds later, a flash of light. The wind whips things down as it blows. The leaves shake. Your hair whips into your face. Another crack of thunder, more lighting.
A storm is brewing.

That feeling is very mysterious. You don't know what is going to happen. It could just refresh the earth, or, it could knock houses down and destroy everything in its path. 
It could be a little rainstorm, it could be a disastrous hurricane, or tornado, take your pick.
The only thing you can do is trust Him who is making it happen.
God knows what's going to happen. He knows what's going to happen to you.
Put your trust in Him, and you won't need to worry. He has a special plan for you only. No one else's is exactly the same.
It's His plan for you.

That feeling right before a storm starts... 
It's exhilarating, mysterious, exciting, adventurous.

A storm is brewing.

ps- it took me over 200 pictures to get those rain droplet shots. I edited them, obviously, but I am going to enter at least on in my state's State Fair. Which do you like better? Any favorite pictures?


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