May 4, 2012

Life // Surgery {part three}

To continue...
Linda (Nurse #3) walks in with the flowers. She sighs, and says "This is a peace offering," She sets the on the table "The surgery before yours is going late. Yours should be at 12:30."
At least I had something to DO!
So, we continue watching the movie.

Later 12:20 pm
Okay, so, obviously if my surgery was going to be at 12:30 I would be talking to the anesthesiologist right now.
Ugh. More waiting.
A little later a guy walks in. 
Great. I don't like guy doctors. I mean, I AM a girl. But, there isn't anything I can do about it.
He says his name is Thomas, and he says he will wheel me to the holding room.
Ahh, not too bad.
So, he starts moving my bed, meanwhile, I feel like an idiot. I mean, I'm wide awake! I can walk! If only I didn't have this dumb IV stuck to me.
But then I think about it.
All the staff and patients are used to seeing people wheeled around, I won't look weird. Plus, this is more relaxing.
He takes me to the holding room with my mom.
Then another guy comes in. He is much older than Thomas was, he says he is Dr. ______ (sorry, can't say his last name for you. :( ) He says  he is the anesthesiologist. He walks me through what he is going to do, and honestly, I don't remember much of it.
After he leaves another nurse comes in. She looks bored, or maybe tired...
She puts some stuff into my IV.
Then my doctor (who I had met before. Just saying...), Melissa, walks in. She asks me how i'm doing, I say I'm doing okay... She tells me some stuff and then she goes to get ready for the surgery.
The other nurse (who looked kind of bored) talks to me...
Another nurse comes in. She's younger, has dark hair and smiles at me.
Then my mom has to leave.
Mom comes over by me and kisses me and tells me she loves me, then they start pushing me out of the room.
I black out.
I remember waking up a little when they were moving me over to the surgery table.
It was rather awkward. And anyone who has had surgery probably knows why.
They put this heated blanket on me, and I distinctly remember the younger nurse (with the dark hair, the one who smiled when she came in) was at the bottom of the table, and she covered my feet with the blanket. Just a random thing I remember. ;) ).
Then I completely black out.

almost and hour later
I wake up. Another (different) nurse is there. Her name was Karen.
She tells me that after the surgery (which was half an hour) I was still asleep for 25 minutes.
She asks me how I feel. I can't talk very well because I have an oxygen mask on.
She tells me to squeeze her hand, I do, and I can tell I'm pretty weak.
She writes stuff down (maybe in her computer?) and then tells me that I should rate my pain. 0 for no pain and 10 for the most extreme pain.
I swallow.
I rate it a four. It wasn't actually too bad.
She writes more stuff down and tells me to relax. I do so, but really, I just wanted to get out of the hospital.
She goes to do some stuff.
a little later she comes back and tells me to squeeze her hand again, I do so, and can tell I got stronger. She gives me more morphine and writes more stuff down. I close my eyes.
I open my eyes, and she says that she will take the mask off now.
She does so, and I start breathing.
She throws it away.
She asks me again to rate the pain. I say its maybe a three or four. It didn't change much.
She tells me to squeeze her and, and I do it as hard as I can.
I want to get back to my room.
She asks me if I want to return to her room.
I nod my head, obviously.
She says I just have to wait a few more minutes.
Finally she starts wheeling me to my room.
she gets me comfortable and tells me to rest.
she also tells me to call her if I need anything.
Mom asks me how it went, I tell her.
Then she sits down, and I start watching Night at the Museum 2 (she had finished the other one, which I said was fine, because she loves that movie as much as I do.)
The nurse comes in periodically.
Finally, (after a LONG time) she says she is going to take my blood pressure (I still have Karen)
She brings in the device, looks at it and states that it's too small (it was the exact same one that the other nurse had brought in and made the same observation. I could have told her that, but, ah well)
She gets the bigger one and takes my blood pressure.
when I got up once, it was so horrid. I felt all nauseous.
Not fun.
In order for me to leave they had to bring a wheelchair in.
kind of embarrassing, but, I couldn't walk like I was.
She gave me a box of tissues, the flowers I showed you yesterday. Stickers with my name on them (like on the wristband things) a bag (for on the way home. if anything happened, you know. :P ) and a cute purple pen.
cute!? (sorry about bad lighting. I didn't want to get up. ;) )

Okay, I think there will be ONE more part, and I PROMISE there will be more pictures. =) and they will be throughout the whole post. ;)

Rachel Nicole

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  1. Are you glad it's finally over?
    I could of never done that; you're really brave!
    I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yes, I am. It was no fun. :P
    haha, well, I was a little scared.
    But I know that after I fully recover, my life will be so much better an easier to live. So, that makes it easier to bear.

    Rachel Nicole


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