May 3, 2012

Life// Surgery {part two}

ps- I know, lots of words, but there are 10 or so pictures at the end.
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
9:45 am
We get to the hospital.
My mom and I had been talking about what kind of questions they would be asking me. The type of stuff they'd do.
We walk into the hospital and go up to the day surgery desk.
They give me a wristband after making sure I'm me.
Then the guy at the desk takes me to a room where he asks me how tall I am and takes my weight. (they had a scale in that room)
He then walks us to my hospital room.
There is a hospital dress on the bed, I can already see that it's ten times too big, he says he'll get me another one after he, too, notices how big it is.
He gets me a smaller gown. It's white and has blue and purple stars on it.
He leaves.
I put on the gown and sit on the chair.
I take out my iPod (SO GLAD I BROUGHT IT!) and play logosquiz (which is an amazing puzzle-game).
Little later nurse number one (her name was like Anta, or something) comes in. She says she is going to take a blood sample.
She walks me through the process telling me what its going to be like. (glad I had just gotten a shot at the doctor a month ago, now I knew what it would feel like)
First, she ties something blue on my arm, apparently it helps pop out my blood vessels so that she can see them better. Then she rubs some rubbing alcohol (or something like that) on me,  then she pokes the needle into my elbow-pit (not sure what its called, haha, its like the upside of my elbow. you have one, too), and takes out some blood.
She then pushes some gauze stuff on my arm, takes off the blue stuff that popped the veins out for her, and tells me to hold the gauze stuff on my arm.
She tapes it onto my arm.
Then she leaves.

A little later
Nurse number two walks in. (her name was Sue, I think)
She says she is going to take my blood pressure and temperature.
She brings the blood pressure thing in, and then notices its too small for my arm.
So, she gets another one, takes my blood pressure.
She asks me if I was nervous before. I said not really. She said, "its okay, you can say you were."
But I don't- because I wasn't.
God had given me a peace so that I wasn't really nervous. Maybe a little, but it usually went away pretty quickly. 
She then says she needs to take my temperature.
She then realizes that the thermometer is in the blood pressure device that was too small.
So, she goes and gets that one. She takes my temperature, asks me some questions and then leaves.

Again, a little later
Nurse number three walks in (her name was Linda, I think)
She asks me questions and stuff, and lets me know things about the surgery, she says if I have any questions to call her.
Then she puts an IV into my hand. She tells me what it's for, and then leaves.

My mom and I start watching The Young Victoria (amazing movie) on my iPod (soo glad I put some movies on there!) and then Linda walks in again. This time she's holding flowers.
Goodness, what now?

Part three tomorrow!

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  1. Aw! Pretty flowers! :)
    When I had surgery, someone sent some kind of flowers that made me sneeze. A lot. We had to get rid of those, because sneezing was a big pain, since my stomach had just been cut open. It did not feel good.
    Glad you're doing better, and thanks again for my blog design!! :)

  2. =]
    Oh! =[ How sad! That would be horrid! I wouldn't want to give up any of my flowers. (hehe, i got more!)
    You're very welcome! It was fun! =]


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