May 2, 2012

Life // Surgery delayed

Yep. They're running behind. I'm hooked up to an IV.
Surgery is now at 12:30.

Thanks for all the prayers!


  1. Everything okay??
    I know how you're feeling - I was in the same position four months ago. I am definitely praying for you - you're a great friend. :)
    Love you!

  2. I hope you are feeling well! I feel so bad for you- I hate hospitals, and needles, shots, etc.

  3. Kellee- I'm... recovering. I am a little tired, I cant walk or stand for very long without feeling light headed and like im going to throat hurts a lot, the medicine, OH its HORRID. I feel like garbage... I have to drink only liquids for today and tomorrow, and then Friday I start on soft foods for two weeks. They said most of the pain should go away in two days, though...

    Thanks so much, Kellee! You are, too! <3

    Sara- If you read the above response to Kellee's comment, that's how I'm feeling. :P
    Yes, not fun.
    But i'm not bad with pokes. I sew, so I get some of that. ;)


yes, you have a beautiful soul.