June 29, 2012

Life // Photography // Camping {part one}

Hello! So i've had some major uploading problems with my video which is super annoying.
Anyway, after finally getting it to work, here you go!

This is the video clips movie.

Let me know what you think!

June 23, 2012

I'm back | what's coming

Long time no see? legit.

So, I am back from camping!
 I hope you all enjoyed the guest posters I had, and I would like to thank them all for doing it for me. I loved your posts!

So, i'm back. With tons of content.

I took so many pictures.
And not only that, but something super awesome happened. And i'm really excited to share about it.
Anyway, a few things that are coming...
a mini stop motion movie thing.
a video
a slideshow of pictures
and I few other things.

Maybe i'll get to some of that today?
I really don't know. haha


June 22, 2012

A Summer Dessert {Guest Post by Nela}

Alright, I confess!
 I don't actually have a grandmother named Ruth (though I did have a great-grandmother whose name was that). ;)
I got this recipe from off a calender that we have in our kitchen, and since I was curious on how this dish would turned out, I went ahead to make it for all you lovely readers of Summer Breeze. :)

As you take your first bite...the flavors begin to explode in your mouth! It's sweet in the middle, crunchy at the bottom, and creamy on top. It's a perfect treat to enjoy eating with good friends on a hot summer's day. Hope you enjoy! :) 

Grandma Ruth's Fruit Torte

3 egg whites
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
20 butter crackers, blended fine
1 cup nuts, blended fine
8 oz. package cream cheese
1 1/2 TBSP. milk
2 cans pie filling of choice (I used strawberry)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 large container of whipped topping 

In a large bowl, beat egg whites at high speed until stiff. Fold in brown and white sugar. Then fold in blended crackers and nuts. Bake at 325 degrees for 30 minutes in a 9 x 13-inch greased pan. Cool completely. 

In small bowl, mix cream cheese, milk, and powdered sugar. Beat well. Spread on top of first mixture. Spoon pie filling atop cream cheese layer. Spread whipped topping on pie filling layer. Chill for 6 hours.

 Bon App├ętit!


Hi there! My name is Marianela, but everyone calls me Nela for short. ;) I'm a writer, a baker, a cook, a martial artist, a reader, a day-dreamer, a photographer-in-training, and a sinner saved by the grace of God. If you want to find out more about me, then check out my blogs at "Beloved Star" & Nel's Home Cooking. Hope to see you there! :)

June 21, 2012

I Think Summer Is Here {guest post by A.J.}

I am pretty sure summer is here.
Why?  Well, all the flowers in my yard have bloomed, it has officially reached 93 degrees where I live (finally!), and I went swimming for the first time of the year yesterday.

I truly do love summer.  It started yesterday, and I have been waiting for it for . . . since last September 22nd (the first day of fall).  
But am I supposed to be so in love with summer?  A few of you probably know that my real name means 'The Fall Season'.  But I fell in love with summer anyway.

If you look close enough, there's a bee on the flower closest to the center.

Taking this one kind of hurt.  :P

Right in front of the lens, there's a spiderweb.  I love spiderwebs.  ;)

My name is A.J.  I love photography.  I like to photograph everything.  Sure, my friends think I'm crazy for taking my camera (clad in it's snazzy hot pink case ;)) to every single event, even the tiniest ones, but who cares?  I also play the piano, I love listening to music, and I take every chance I get to be with my friends.
Visit my blog!
Also, please visit this photo collab blog I'm part of:

June 20, 2012

something a little different (a guest post by Bekah)

Hello! Bekah here. When I volunteered to guest post for Rachel, I had no idea what I would blog about. But then yesterday I made some AMAZING Chex mix, and I thought I'd do something a little different and post a recipe... with photos! :)

How to Make Caramel Corn (with a spin!)

You will need Chex cereal (I used gluten free), popcorn, butter, corn syrup (I used maple), vanilla, peanuts (optional), and brown sugar.

Combine the cereal, popcorn, and peanuts. 

In a small pan, melt butter. Add the brown sugar, vanilla, and syrup.

Bring to a boil, stirring constantly (it won't take very long).

Drizzle butter mixture over cereal mixture. Stir until it's all evenly coated.

(this is where I ate half the bowl and then realized I still had to microwave it.)
Microwave for 5 or 6 minutes, stirring every minute. This step is to heat it all through and make it nice and crunchy and browned. (warning: mixture will be hot!)

Spread on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Allow to cool. Stir it every few minutes to keep it from clumping up.

And now, here's the official recipe. :)

Chex Caramel Corn

4 cups popped popcorn (plain, no butter)
4 cups Chex cereal
1/2 cup peanuts (optional)
1/4 cup butter
1/3 cup brown sugar
2 TBS corn syrup (or maple)
1/4 tsp vanilla

In a large microwaveable bowl, combine popcorn, cereal, and peanuts.
In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add brown sugar, syrup, and vanilla. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Pour over cereal mixture; stir until evenly coated.
Microwave for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring every minute. Spread on waxed paper to cool, stirring occasionally to break up chunks. 
Store in an airtight container.

I'm Bekah--a 14-year-old girl that loves Jesus, piano, cooking, blog design, photography, reading, writing, and animals. I blog at Sunshine Valley, Chef in Training, Friends Through Photos, and Sunny Day Designs. I have six American Girl dolls--Samantha, Kaya, Mia, Felicity, Elizabeth, and Alayna.
Feel free to follow me around, I don't mind! (but I do run into walls occasionally!)

June 19, 2012

randomness! ( a guest post by claire!)

hi! im claire or agcat! 

a little bit about me

i love cats!
i am the proud owner of 15 amazing american girl dolls!
i believe i own the fattest cat ever ;)
i love pink,sparkle,sequins,glitter, you know that stuff!
i have an annoying sis!
i have two blogs:
American Girl's and cats!
pink sparkles dolls
 here are some pics!

first this is a picture of me!

a random cat (to prove i love them)
most of my dolls!

pink, sparkly, sequined shoes!( i currently own these!)

i also love editing dolls!

some examples!

if you are interested comment on either of my blogs!

one last thing! i recently got a new doll! check out my very first youtube vid to help me name her!
help me name american girl doll #33!

June 18, 2012

What Dance Means to Me {{A Guest Post by Carolyn}}

  Sometimes I wonder if my talking of dance sounds like gibberish to my non-dancer friends.  I wonder if they really care about what I'm saying, and if they do, that they understand the least bit.  So, I decided it would be rather nice to give everyone that doesn't dance a little from the life of a dancer.  :]

These are indeed my feet, my pointe shoes, if you're wondering.

  Dance is something that is so, so, special.  Let's think about it this way.

  When you paint a picture, there's usually a story behind it, and when people look at it, the pointe gets across.

  When you hear a song, you can tell when people were in a good mood, a bad mood, in love, out of love, hating love entirely.

  Think of dance as singing a song, painting a picture, with movement, without words.  It's this beautiful, crazy, thing, that people can understand exactly what you're saying, what you're thinking, your emotions, through movement, through the expressions worn on your face, through the sounds that come from your tap shoes, or the silence of your ballet slippers.

  That's why dance is so important to me.  I can express myself.  I'm not always great with words.  I can write them, I can read them after they have been written, but I can't always just sputter them out, perfect lovely things that are meaningful and beautiful.  Dance is a way to get my message out to the world.  Dance is my way to be me.


Hiya! I'm Carolyn, and I'm a dancer, bookworm, author, musician, photographer, actress, dreamer, laugher, happy person. I love life, family, friends, and God. 


June 17, 2012

Take a Break (guest post by Madeline)

My name's Madeline. I was worrying I wouldn't be able to post (because I'm on vacation); so I'm pretty glad to be posting! :)

I urge myself to go faster, bigger, stronger, better. I'm disappointed if I don't. Sometimes I tell myself : 'you are a failure. You should of done that better.'  
You know, sometimes I just need to cool down. Tell myself it's okay; nobody's perfect. 
In other words, I need to take a break.
Okay, I don't mean spend all the carefully saved money from 3rd grade, do something fun and easy that you can do at home. A few ideas:
1. Give yourself a pedicure/manicure.
2. Play with those dolls sitting in a dusty corner in your attic.
3. Get a Redbox movie and watch it.
4. Invite some friends over and talk.
5. Send a letter (because it's pretty likely you'll get one back).
Don't try to be the best person in the world; to do everything perfectly. Simply give it all you got, and God will do the rest.

My Bio:

I'm 11 years old and above the average height for me. :)
I own 11 AG dolls. I try to live a life full of Christ, but sometimes it's hard for me; so I strive to do my best.


June 9, 2012

Life // Photography // Summer Is Here {{a three in one post}}

Part One 
There are two reasons why I haven't posted. 
One, I have been busy... Really busy. I have had a few all day graduations to attend. One was my brothers, so that was a couple days preparation/cleaning up.
Then I started work this last week, and rummage this weekend (including the past two days).
Not to mention surgery at the beginning of May, and spacers for braces, and then getting the braces. Parties... Planning... Getting ready for everything... Blog design (finally finished that, but I did have quite a few to do)...
Well, I won't bore you, but all that above is not everything. I seriously had no time to post at one point.
The other reason is simply writers block. Yeah, I was going through that, but I think it may (finally) be ending. (yess!)

So sorry to everyone who was waiting for a post... It's finally here.
(so now you know I'm not dead!)
Part Two
Five questions from Caro {Six}

(to read the other ones, click here.)

--Do you like to draw? Yes, sometimes. 
  --Are you any good at it? Many people say I am. I like to think I am... haha, yes, I think I am pretty good at it.

  --What is your most-prized possession {or possessions}? I like to think of it as if I was to run out of my burning house, what would I take with me? Well, my Bible. Its a nice companion for everything... (I know, it seems like everyone has that answer. But it would be the easiest thing to grab, too. ;) ) my computer, my iPod, and anything else that was close to me. ;)

--If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Well, I'd always wanted to play harp. But drums are kind of cool... Not exactly my kind of thing, but they are really cool.I'm not a huge instrument person (mostly the practicing part) but I'm content with my instruments. ;)
  --How many pictures in frames do you have in your room? None! I don't have room for anything in my room since I share it with all five of my sisters... Maybe one day... *sigh*And today we have one extra question:
  --What room are you in as you answer these questions? My living room. At 12:30 am. wow. ;)

Part Three
Summer Is Here
It's warm... The sun is out the air conditioning is on, the pool is up, and best of all school is out.
I remember Summer was the best time of the year.
But my life is changing. Too fast for me.
If you didn't know, I started working. That takes up most of my time. When I finally do get home all I want to do is sit down. But I then have to practice.
Good thing I'm not working full time. (that would be horrific. ;) Just kidding)
My job is cleaning a highschool. You would never believe some of the stuff we find. Seriously- it's crazy.
Ah, well, weekends are nice. And that is precisely why I am staying up late. ;)
Well, I seriously need to get some of my NaNoWriMo editing done. 
Plus this post is getting long...

Picture one- a bee
Picture two- chicken
Picture three- chocolate mousse pie (recipe coming later if wanted- so tell me!)
Picture four- a beetle
Picture five- a tree leaf
Picture six- the eye of my little sisters' froggy towel
Picture seven- a fire
Picture eight- water droplets (again! I am obsessed.)
Picture nine- my hair and water. I liked how only a small part of my hair was focused.
Picture ten- a wave

ps- did you see this post? I think it's pretty cool.