June 21, 2012

I Think Summer Is Here {guest post by A.J.}

I am pretty sure summer is here.
Why?  Well, all the flowers in my yard have bloomed, it has officially reached 93 degrees where I live (finally!), and I went swimming for the first time of the year yesterday.

I truly do love summer.  It started yesterday, and I have been waiting for it for . . . since last September 22nd (the first day of fall).  
But am I supposed to be so in love with summer?  A few of you probably know that my real name means 'The Fall Season'.  But I fell in love with summer anyway.

If you look close enough, there's a bee on the flower closest to the center.

Taking this one kind of hurt.  :P

Right in front of the lens, there's a spiderweb.  I love spiderwebs.  ;)

My name is A.J.  I love photography.  I like to photograph everything.  Sure, my friends think I'm crazy for taking my camera (clad in it's snazzy hot pink case ;)) to every single event, even the tiniest ones, but who cares?  I also play the piano, I love listening to music, and I take every chance I get to be with my friends.
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