June 9, 2012

Life // Photography // Summer Is Here {{a three in one post}}

Part One 
There are two reasons why I haven't posted. 
One, I have been busy... Really busy. I have had a few all day graduations to attend. One was my brothers, so that was a couple days preparation/cleaning up.
Then I started work this last week, and rummage this weekend (including the past two days).
Not to mention surgery at the beginning of May, and spacers for braces, and then getting the braces. Parties... Planning... Getting ready for everything... Blog design (finally finished that, but I did have quite a few to do)...
Well, I won't bore you, but all that above is not everything. I seriously had no time to post at one point.
The other reason is simply writers block. Yeah, I was going through that, but I think it may (finally) be ending. (yess!)

So sorry to everyone who was waiting for a post... It's finally here.
(so now you know I'm not dead!)
Part Two
Five questions from Caro {Six}

(to read the other ones, click here.)

--Do you like to draw? Yes, sometimes. 
  --Are you any good at it? Many people say I am. I like to think I am... haha, yes, I think I am pretty good at it.

  --What is your most-prized possession {or possessions}? I like to think of it as if I was to run out of my burning house, what would I take with me? Well, my Bible. Its a nice companion for everything... (I know, it seems like everyone has that answer. But it would be the easiest thing to grab, too. ;) ) my computer, my iPod, and anything else that was close to me. ;)

--If you could play any instrument, what would it be? Well, I'd always wanted to play harp. But drums are kind of cool... Not exactly my kind of thing, but they are really cool.I'm not a huge instrument person (mostly the practicing part) but I'm content with my instruments. ;)
  --How many pictures in frames do you have in your room? None! I don't have room for anything in my room since I share it with all five of my sisters... Maybe one day... *sigh*And today we have one extra question:
  --What room are you in as you answer these questions? My living room. At 12:30 am. wow. ;)

Part Three
Summer Is Here
It's warm... The sun is out the air conditioning is on, the pool is up, and best of all school is out.
I remember Summer was the best time of the year.
But my life is changing. Too fast for me.
If you didn't know, I started working. That takes up most of my time. When I finally do get home all I want to do is sit down. But I then have to practice.
Good thing I'm not working full time. (that would be horrific. ;) Just kidding)
My job is cleaning a highschool. You would never believe some of the stuff we find. Seriously- it's crazy.
Ah, well, weekends are nice. And that is precisely why I am staying up late. ;)
Well, I seriously need to get some of my NaNoWriMo editing done. 
Plus this post is getting long...

Picture one- a bee
Picture two- chicken
Picture three- chocolate mousse pie (recipe coming later if wanted- so tell me!)
Picture four- a beetle
Picture five- a tree leaf
Picture six- the eye of my little sisters' froggy towel
Picture seven- a fire
Picture eight- water droplets (again! I am obsessed.)
Picture nine- my hair and water. I liked how only a small part of my hair was focused.
Picture ten- a wave

ps- did you see this post? I think it's pretty cool.



  2. Such gorgeous photos! You are very talented! Yay for summer! I hope that life's changes are going your way even if they are moving fast! <3

  3. Beautiful photos! You have talent! :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! They all capture the fun of Summer.


  5. you have a different perspective of photographs. Great, you're talented :)


yes, you have a beautiful soul.