June 19, 2012

randomness! ( a guest post by claire!)

hi! im claire or agcat! 

a little bit about me

i love cats!
i am the proud owner of 15 amazing american girl dolls!
i believe i own the fattest cat ever ;)
i love pink,sparkle,sequins,glitter, you know that stuff!
i have an annoying sis!
i have two blogs:
American Girl's and cats!
pink sparkles dolls
 here are some pics!

first this is a picture of me!

a random cat (to prove i love them)
most of my dolls!

pink, sparkly, sequined shoes!( i currently own these!)

i also love editing dolls!

some examples!

if you are interested comment on either of my blogs!

one last thing! i recently got a new doll! check out my very first youtube vid to help me name her!
help me name american girl doll #33!

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