June 18, 2012

What Dance Means to Me {{A Guest Post by Carolyn}}

  Sometimes I wonder if my talking of dance sounds like gibberish to my non-dancer friends.  I wonder if they really care about what I'm saying, and if they do, that they understand the least bit.  So, I decided it would be rather nice to give everyone that doesn't dance a little from the life of a dancer.  :]

These are indeed my feet, my pointe shoes, if you're wondering.

  Dance is something that is so, so, special.  Let's think about it this way.

  When you paint a picture, there's usually a story behind it, and when people look at it, the pointe gets across.

  When you hear a song, you can tell when people were in a good mood, a bad mood, in love, out of love, hating love entirely.

  Think of dance as singing a song, painting a picture, with movement, without words.  It's this beautiful, crazy, thing, that people can understand exactly what you're saying, what you're thinking, your emotions, through movement, through the expressions worn on your face, through the sounds that come from your tap shoes, or the silence of your ballet slippers.

  That's why dance is so important to me.  I can express myself.  I'm not always great with words.  I can write them, I can read them after they have been written, but I can't always just sputter them out, perfect lovely things that are meaningful and beautiful.  Dance is a way to get my message out to the world.  Dance is my way to be me.


Hiya! I'm Carolyn, and I'm a dancer, bookworm, author, musician, photographer, actress, dreamer, laugher, happy person. I love life, family, friends, and God. 



  1. Hi! I am a dancer too, and I loved your post!

    I agree with you. Dance is a way for me to speak to those I can't, and express myself. :)

    Again, great post!


    P.S. Your feet look great in your pointe shoes! ;)

    1. Oh, awesome! :D I always love to meet dancers. :] And thanks so much, it really means a lot to me to hear feedback. :]

      For sure! I love how you can just be yourself in dance. :]

      Thanks again!


      {{Oh, thanks! ;] XD}}


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