July 29, 2012

Maybe a post, and, seriously!?!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be gone from today (around 2) until Friday, August 3rd (my blogs' 1 year anniversary!)

Since the Olympics are on, we are going to have internet, so i may post. I have lots of pictures from our annual VBS that I would like to share.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but there was a reason.
I had VBS all last week, and had to work 8 hours every day. I literally had no time to post. not kidding. at all.

But something exciting as well!

I am thinking about doing a giveaway. It would be to celebrate my blogs' birthday, as well as to celebrate 100 followers (only 25 to get there!).
I have 75 right now (private and public) plus my email followers.
So, tell your friends!

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring, email me at rachyspenpals@gmail.com.
If you decide to be a sponsor, you will get a button on my sidebar.

July 21, 2012

Life // Design // the promised fourth of july video, new design, and five questions from Caro

I think that's the longest title I've ever wrote.
Here is the promised video:

(argh! it won't upload with blogger or photobucket, so now i have to do vimeo. ugh >:( )
(this video took a long time to make, there was TONS of editing [like taking bad clips out, making it shorter, taking all most of the pauses out, etc.] and also long uploading time, so, please enjoy it.)

And also five questions from Caro WAY overdue.
So, anyway, we changed it a little. Since we both like photography, we will have 4 questions just to answer, and the fifth will be with a picture answer. 
Here goes:

--What is your favorite color that could be found in the sky? The colors I like are Lime Green, Bright Blue, Hot Pink, and Banana Yellow. So, any of those that can be found in the sky, I like. ;D
--What is your favorite place to be outside of your house?  {{Ex. backyard, forest, etc.}} sitting on the wooden swing.
--Do you have any forests near you? Well, we have a woods in our backyard!?
--Because the Olympics are coming up, what's your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics? :D I like to watch swimming, gymnastics, running, diving, volleyball... Those are the major ones. =D
--What is your favorite window to look out of in your house?
it's right by my bed.

The Lost Get Found - Britt Nicole

Freefall - Royal Tailor
ps- how do you like the new design?

July 18, 2012

Life // I know its been forever, but this time, im not going to apologize

I've been going through a few things lately, i've been reading the Hunger Games triology (that, in itself, is the best excuse ever, because once you start, you're stuck and you have to finish), and I finished the first book in less than a day (about 400 pages, now that's awesome).
But during the second book i have allowed myself to take breaks. They're quite depressing, but so good.

Anyway, i still have a job, and i am sorry i havent posted do have time some of the time to post, but i haven't felt like it/didn't want to finish making the 4th of July video, but, i do feel like it now and just have to finish that video will start posting hopefully soon with a 4th of July video that's way over due.

But, i have nine of my eleven state fair pictures that are to be judged today, and probably wont have time to post. Maybe i will... i don't know for sure, anyway, this will have to hold you...

New design is being thought out! I have a new favorite color...

now go be nice and leave a comment on this post and another post at another blog that needs some love.

July 1, 2012

Life // Photography // Camping {part three}

wow, just whipping them out!
haha, so i managed to put all the pictures pretty much in this one-about-7-minute-movie.
So, uh. I hope you enjoy it.

(sorry about the two copies of the same picture, and also the one picture that isn't rotated. im not sure what happened, and its kinda late to change it. :-/)

Now i have something exciting that I am going to tell you. If you watched the other camping movies, you may have kinda figured it out. And you definitely figured it out in this one, seeing as it's given away in this one. ;)
Can you guess?

Anywho. Ill tell you:
Yeah, it was super duper exciting.
I mostly just wanted to try out the lenses and stuff
and 5 minutes after i started using his camera i decided i needed one.
I'm looking at three right now (Nikon for the WIN! Just a personal preference...)
And i totes cant wait to get mine.
anyway, here are the best pictures i got:
(ps- since these are film I had to scan them. It took away from their quality. ah, well...)

This wasnt taken with the SLR camera, my brother took this of me using the SLR camera, its not my favorite picture of me (idk, it makes me look fat or something...) but its the only one of me using it. :-\)

Okay, this has NO EDITING other than the watermark. I didnt make it a double exposure with editing, I made it with the camera- on accident. 

SLR's make bokeh like CRAZY. <3 

Any favorites (in the video or not)?

1st song: Black & White (Royal Tailor)
2nd song: Freefall (Royal Tailor)
ps- happy first of July! XD