July 21, 2012

Life // Design // the promised fourth of july video, new design, and five questions from Caro

I think that's the longest title I've ever wrote.
Here is the promised video:

(argh! it won't upload with blogger or photobucket, so now i have to do vimeo. ugh >:( )
(this video took a long time to make, there was TONS of editing [like taking bad clips out, making it shorter, taking all most of the pauses out, etc.] and also long uploading time, so, please enjoy it.)

And also five questions from Caro WAY overdue.
So, anyway, we changed it a little. Since we both like photography, we will have 4 questions just to answer, and the fifth will be with a picture answer. 
Here goes:

--What is your favorite color that could be found in the sky? The colors I like are Lime Green, Bright Blue, Hot Pink, and Banana Yellow. So, any of those that can be found in the sky, I like. ;D
--What is your favorite place to be outside of your house?  {{Ex. backyard, forest, etc.}} sitting on the wooden swing.
--Do you have any forests near you? Well, we have a woods in our backyard!?
--Because the Olympics are coming up, what's your favorite sport to watch in the Olympics? :D I like to watch swimming, gymnastics, running, diving, volleyball... Those are the major ones. =D
--What is your favorite window to look out of in your house?
it's right by my bed.

The Lost Get Found - Britt Nicole

Freefall - Royal Tailor
ps- how do you like the new design?


yes, you have a beautiful soul.