July 18, 2012

Life // I know its been forever, but this time, im not going to apologize

I've been going through a few things lately, i've been reading the Hunger Games triology (that, in itself, is the best excuse ever, because once you start, you're stuck and you have to finish), and I finished the first book in less than a day (about 400 pages, now that's awesome).
But during the second book i have allowed myself to take breaks. They're quite depressing, but so good.

Anyway, i still have a job, and i am sorry i havent posted do have time some of the time to post, but i haven't felt like it/didn't want to finish making the 4th of July video, but, i do feel like it now and just have to finish that video will start posting hopefully soon with a 4th of July video that's way over due.

But, i have nine of my eleven state fair pictures that are to be judged today, and probably wont have time to post. Maybe i will... i don't know for sure, anyway, this will have to hold you...

New design is being thought out! I have a new favorite color...

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  1. Glad you like the Hunger Games! Aren't they great?


yes, you have a beautiful soul.