July 1, 2012

Life // Photography // Camping {part three}

wow, just whipping them out!
haha, so i managed to put all the pictures pretty much in this one-about-7-minute-movie.
So, uh. I hope you enjoy it.

(sorry about the two copies of the same picture, and also the one picture that isn't rotated. im not sure what happened, and its kinda late to change it. :-/)

Now i have something exciting that I am going to tell you. If you watched the other camping movies, you may have kinda figured it out. And you definitely figured it out in this one, seeing as it's given away in this one. ;)
Can you guess?

Anywho. Ill tell you:
Yeah, it was super duper exciting.
I mostly just wanted to try out the lenses and stuff
and 5 minutes after i started using his camera i decided i needed one.
I'm looking at three right now (Nikon for the WIN! Just a personal preference...)
And i totes cant wait to get mine.
anyway, here are the best pictures i got:
(ps- since these are film I had to scan them. It took away from their quality. ah, well...)

This wasnt taken with the SLR camera, my brother took this of me using the SLR camera, its not my favorite picture of me (idk, it makes me look fat or something...) but its the only one of me using it. :-\)

Okay, this has NO EDITING other than the watermark. I didnt make it a double exposure with editing, I made it with the camera- on accident. 

SLR's make bokeh like CRAZY. <3 

Any favorites (in the video or not)?

1st song: Black & White (Royal Tailor)
2nd song: Freefall (Royal Tailor)
ps- happy first of July! XD


  1. Ohmyyouaregreatatphotography. What camera do you use?:)

    1. Thanks so much! =]
      For all the pictures shown in the post (not the video) minus the first one, i used my dads film Minolta SLR camera.
      All the other ones were taken with my family's touch screen Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 (more about it on my FAQ page).
      I plan to get a Nikon DSLR soon, though. ;]

  2. Those pictures are great! I love all the ones of the lake :)

  3. Love them! :) You're really talented. :)

  4. i'm enjoying so much your photography!

  5. amazing photos, love all the close-ups! :)

  6. Great pictures. Some look like postcards. Newest GFC follower from Wiegand hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can ;)


    1. I will definitely check it out when i have the time- thanks so much for following!

  7. Good photos! I am trying to decide that when I get enough money whether to buy a Nikon or Cannon. I was hoping you'd be able to tell me why you like Nikon, you see, I haven't had much experience with either of the brands.

    1. Thanks!
      Well, first I did some research. I went to all the blogs where i liked their photography and wrote down which camera they had.
      Next I went to Best Buy and tried out both Nikon and Canon. I chose Nikon because. well, im not sure. it was just my kind of camera.

      I did more research and figured out two cameras i liked. I wrote emails and formspring questions to them asking them what their favorite, least favorite... you know, the things that were important to me, so that when my dad takes me to the camera store i can try out those things.

      One of those people told me about a new camera that just came out that is similar, so... Now i have three cameras i definitely want to look at when my dad and I go.

      I really suggest you did what I did, it's extremely helpful. =] (Here;s what i did in a nutshell: research all the photography blogs you like, go to the store and try out both Nikons and Canons [and DON'T make your decision off of their photos. yours will never look like theirs. you have your own style and they have theirs. pick out which brand clicks with you. to discard all that, it might be better to go out to the store before you look at blogs] ask questions to those people whos cameras you are looking at, and then go to the store and figure out which one you like best. i dont know which step is next on my list, but if when i get to that, you want to know, im sure ill be happy to tell you! =])

  8. Oh, by the way, love your music choice. A big Royal Tailor fan!

  9. Thanks, that helps so much. I'll be sure to do that, me and my Dad have been talking about going to look at cameras too! :)

  10. I love the photo your brother took of you holding the camera. :)
    By the way, I awarded you on my blog. :)


    1. Thanks so much, AJ, it means a lot that you thought of me, but I really don't have time lately. Sorry!

  11. Hey Rachel! I nominated you for the I Love your Blog Award! http://thedemigoddancer.blogspot.com/2012/07/ive-been-awarded.html


  12. Wow, this is kinda late for commenting... (: but I really love your film pictures! I really enjoy using film cameras myself. I also think the scanning gave the photos a nice texture... I'll have to try that!

  13. Gorgeous!! love the water splashes:)


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