July 29, 2012

Maybe a post, and, seriously!?!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be gone from today (around 2) until Friday, August 3rd (my blogs' 1 year anniversary!)

Since the Olympics are on, we are going to have internet, so i may post. I have lots of pictures from our annual VBS that I would like to share.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but there was a reason.
I had VBS all last week, and had to work 8 hours every day. I literally had no time to post. not kidding. at all.

But something exciting as well!

I am thinking about doing a giveaway. It would be to celebrate my blogs' birthday, as well as to celebrate 100 followers (only 25 to get there!).
I have 75 right now (private and public) plus my email followers.
So, tell your friends!

Also, if you are interested in sponsoring, email me at rachyspenpals@gmail.com.
If you decide to be a sponsor, you will get a button on my sidebar.


  1. Visiting from Casey's "what is on your heart" Following you! :)


  2. Hi Rachel! You wanted to ask me some questions about the DSLR? Fire ahead :)


    1. Thanks! =D
      First thing- what is your favorite thing about your camera?
      Least favorite?
      How is the video quality?
      What are some nice features?

      Thanks so much!

    2. You're welcome! :)
      1. My favourite thing is probably just the fact that you can adjust everything manually. You can adjust the focus manually (though you can also just do it auto.), the exposure, ISO and whatnot which means that you can, after much practice (I'm not there yet, really, but I'm learning.) get the image you want, as pictured in your head. However, there is a really helpful thing called guide mode which tells you how to get certain images if you can't figure it out properly yourself. E.g capturing reds in sunset, capturing motion, etc. so that's pretty helpful.

      2. My least favourite thing is just how heavy it is! Other DSLRs I'm sure weight similar or heavier weights, but I don't know. It's just a bit of a strain around your neck if you've been carrying it around all day! An idea would be to compare the weights of the other cameras you're interested in just by looking at the descriptions. I wasn't prepared for it to be as heavy as it was!

      3. The video quality is excellent. I haven't had any reason to use it, but in a quick test I did it was superb. You can pick all the settings yourself and even refocus whilst filming which is really helpful. Everything is really clear and from what I can see there isn't any grain!

      4. Nice features are the guide mode which I mentioned earlier, the fact that if you go all auto mode they have different settings like children, landscape, close-up etc., manual focus, in camera editing software (I haven't used it as I prefer to edit on a bigger screen, but it's a nice idea if you're eager to edit!) and the grip on the camera fits my long (and skinny) fingers nicely.

      Hope I helped!

  3. Thanks so much! Just one more question. How much was it?

    1. I gt if for the most reasonable price (new) I could find which was €650 (with kit lens) or $818. So it required a good bit of saving up for!

      Anna x


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