September 9, 2012

Photography // Cameras.

Warning- this is a long post filled with words, pictures and lots of information. It tells you the whole story of all my cameras and everything.
But, also, know that there IS a surprise at the end. You know this post? I mentioned there was a surprise, remember? Well, this is the surprise.

Ever since I can remember I have always wanted a camera of my own.
Now, I was never really interested in photography until I started my blog in August.
 January 2012 I really started to take it seriously, and ever since early 2012 I've wanted a DSLR.
But I've realized, that I had a photographers eye.
I've realized, that even though I never knew it, I was always a photographer.
It all started around the age of 7 or 8. My oldest brother got a camera, and when I heard about it, I wanted one of my own.
But when you're almost 8, you don't really have any money, much less, some you can spend on a 500$ camera (that's how much my brothers' cost, and it was a point and shoot!)
After that school year ended, I got some treat money* and it was right around ten dollars.
yeah, oh boy.
I was at Walgreens, just browsing (we used to go to Walgreens a lot) when I found a camera. It was the "WOW! ONLY $10!' type.
I knew, right away, that that was what I wanted.
I showed it to my mom, that small pink camera, and she agreed to it. I counted out the extra cash I would need, and was the *very* proud owner of a ten dollar camera.
That's when it started.
This post is going to show/tell you: 
pictures of all of my cameras
an Amazon link to where you can buy it/see more about it
 the story behind the camera
the price I got them for
 where I got them
when I got them
what came with them (to the best of my memory)
pictures then and now
Vivitar Mini Digital Camera
(see here)
Price | 10.oo
Bought | Walgreens
When | (age 8) 2005
The story | (read above)
front (my little sister smashed it when I let her use it the other day)

used 1 triple A battery.

came with the camera, the instructions, the DVD/CD for downloading the program that lets you take the pictures off, the USB cable (doesn't use a card) to take the pictures off.
what isn't pictured here (probably lost or damaged/thrown away): case (not pictured in here, but pictured later on), user license agreement, triple A battery (in camera- not the same one)


USB cable (the end that goes into the camera.


camera in case
Sorry, none available!

(as you can see, it does not take the best pictures. )

Polaroid 5.0 MP Digital Camera i534
(see here)
Price | 69.99, I think.
Bought | Walgreens 
When | (age 10, almost 11) 2007 or 2008 (the dates are very liable to be wrong)
The story | After I figured out that the pink Vivitar camera, was, well, junk, I started secretly searching for a good deal on a camera. Any camera. I had some money from various things (not sure how much) and I could buy a camera that was a good deal. I just wanted a camera, and the pink one wasn't cutting it. 
After about a year or so, I found an ad in the Walgreens catalog for a camera. it looked nice, and it wasn't very expensive. (at the time I thought it was because I was not very old and did not have very much money, but times have changed...)
I talked to my mom and dad, and showed them that I had almost all the money.
They talked about it, and decided to let me get the camera. My dad took me to Walgreens, and on the way I think he asked me if I was really sure I wanted this camera.
I said yes, immediately.
We got the camera, and I went home and started taking pictures right away.
Came with: camera (inside case), case, instruction manual, USB cord, DVD, camera strap, 2 double A batteries (in camera- not the same batteries.)

Instruction manual

USB cord

USB cord and instruction manual

back of camera

top of camera

bottom of camera (jagged because we tried to fix it, explained later)

front of camera not on.

Side of camera on

On. The screen is black. Let me tell you a story.
Once upon a time there was a girl. She was very creative. One day she decided to make a quill pen with ink, another day she decided to buy a camera, and on another day, the aforesaid ink spilled out onto her desk, the also aforesaid camera was on the desk, and happened to get some ink on it. The girl didn't know this until it was too late, and the screen was now black. The end.
It's still functional, and if you look REALLY closely you can see some things, but it's pretty much useless.

digital camera software

takes two double A batteries

Front of camera, on.

My very first picture with this camera.

a very early picture with this camera, at the park


Nikon Coolpix 5200
(see here)
I did not buy this camera
Price | $500.oo 
Bought | Arts, Cameras, Plus (pretty sure)
When | (age 11 or 12) 2009 or 2010 (got this used from my brother)
The story | After my Polaroid camera got ruined, and my dad couldn't fix it, I started using the "family camera" which happened to be my brothers camera.
The only problem? It wasn't mine and I couldn't use it all the time.
But after about a year of using it, my mom and dad decided it was time they bought a camera (my dad has a Minolta Film SLR camera, but he never used it anymore) for the family to use, and so my mom could take eBay pictures.
This was a good opportunity for me.
Because my brother decided he'd pay for half of it, and then he could have a better camera.
So, I thought, if he's buying a camera (or half of one), then why would he need his old one? Besides, he never uses it. My sister and I, were pretty much the only people who used it besides my mom, and occasionally a sibling.
If my mom got a camera, she wouldn't be using it, and if they got a family camera, then my siblings wouldn't need it.
And my sister was also going to be getting a camera.
So I decided I would ask to buy his camera from him.
I talked to my mom to see if it was okay with her, and she said she was fine with it
When I asked him, he said he didn't know what was happening, so he couldn't just give it to me.
But a couple nights later it was decided that my parents would get a camera, and my brother would co-buy with them.
After supper, my brother came over to me, and said I could have his camera and all the accessories.
what came with it when I got it: camera, case (i bought later on), quick start guide, instruction manual, USB cord, two batteries, battery charger with power cable, camera strap, audio/video cable, (car charger cord, car charger gotten later on)
not pictured, but came with it when it was first bought by my brother (probably lost or damaged/thrown away, or put in a file for safekeeping): Ferrite core, warranty, registration card, PictureProject (installer CD and Reference manual CD)

front of camera (not on)

side of camera, on

back of camera, on.

top of camera, on.

side of camera

bottom of camera

Instruction manual

Quick start guide

USB cable

Audio/video cable

car charger cable

charger cord


car charger

two Nikon batteries (front and back)


(this picture was taken for that Lanie contest on American Girl)



Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX7
(see here)
I did not buy this camera, and it has never been mine.
Price | around $400.oo 
Bought | Online,
When | 2010 (This camera doesn't, and never did, belong to me)
The story | As this camera is not mine, there isn't much of a story.
My parents decided to get a camera, and my brother decided to pay half, and just use it too. (bad idea for him)
After a few months, I realized that I actually liked taking pictures, and found out that their camera was much better than mine.
What comes with it:
(since this isn't mine, I didn't want to go around the house and grab everything for this camera. This is pretty much what I used for this camera.)
camera, case (bought separately), battery, battery charger. (came with more things, not pictured)

Front, off.

Slides down to open/turn on.


Turning on.

Completely touch-screen. You just touch a part of the camera, and that's where it focuses. 


battery charger.
(you've all seen the pictures I've taken with this camera. If you want to take a look at some of the pictures, just click on the label photography. Almost all the pictures are taken with this camera)
Nikon D5100
(see here)
Price | $849.99 with a $200.oo instant rebate (I payed $693.34)
Bought | Mike mike Crivello's
When | August 30th, 2012
The story | ever since around March-May of 2012, I started to really take photography seriously. I noticed what other people were doing, and what they were using. 
I knew I had wanted my own camera for a long time, and I knew I wanted a DSLR. I bought my iPod on April 1st, and my dad said no more buying big things for a while.
But I also started working that summer.
And I thought, maybe if I ask for money for my birthday, I can get my camera...
Deciding which one I wanted was tough, though.
What really helped, is that I went to all the blogs I followed where I liked their photography, and wrote down all the names of the cameras they used. 
That list was long, man.
But I realized that the ones that I liked best (of course, with many exceptions) were Nikons.
I liked what people did with them better, and the video was awesome, as is Canon... (guys, this is totally a personal preference)
I had my eye on three Nikon cameras. The D3100, the D5100, and the new D3200.
In August I could hardly stand not having my own camera, my own DSLR. Ugh, and the camera shopping helped nothing. ;)
We learned that if I got a Sony camera, the lenses of my dad's old Minolta film camera might work (Sony bought Minolta out a few years back), but I had no idea about Sony, and their site is the most boring thing in the entire universe.
So, (as the store we went to wasn't close) we had to to wait another week before we headed in that direction. Guys. that was torture.
But, I got to go to Best Buy and try out a couple cameras for the fiftieth time (every time someone went there I tagged along, knowing it would make my camera problem worse)
The only problem was that two of the cameras didn't work (the D5100 and the D3100)
I also tried out the D7000, man, that camera is awesome. The price tag? Not so much.
I decided there that I wanted the D3200. 
Then we went to the camera store a few days later. I wanted my camera, and I was determined to leave the store with it.
As soon as we walked in the store, and explained about the Sony and lenses and showed them to the salesperson, he told us they wouldn't work. We talked a little more about lenses and what we could do with the lenses (I may be able to get an adapter =D).
And then came time. I knew what I wanted, and so i told the guy, he asked me why I wanted it, and I stated the reason. That I'd done research and I really liked what they could do, and I also realize that the pictures turn out the way the do mostly because of the photographer. But the camera still takes the picture.
Anyway, he told us that the main difference between the D3200 and the D5100 was the flip screen, and the bigger resolution.
He said the resolution I would be needing would be way enough on the D5100.
Besides, I'd also be saving $50.
So, I got the D5100.
And boy, that flip out screen rocks, people. I take videos, too, and the flip screen thing... Man, its just awesome.

what it came with: Nikon D5100 camera, camera strap, accessory shoe cover (on camera), rubber eye cap (on camera), body cap,  rechargeable battery, battery charger, audio/video cable (in bag), USB cable (in bag), eyepiece cap (in bag), ViewNX 2 CD (in bag), Quickstart guide in (one in Spanish, one in English) (in bag), User's manual (one is Spanish, one in English) (in bag), Reference CD (in bag), Warranty for lens (in bag), warranty for camera (in bag), lens (on camera).

lens, camera on.

Top of camera, on.

camera screen, off.

some buttons.

top of camera, on.

bottom of camera.

side of camera.

side of lens

top of lens, closeup. 

camera strap.

camera charger, front.

back of camera charger.
USB cable

audio/video cable.

eyepiece cap.

camera body cap.

papers/manuals/CD's/warranties/boring things in bag.

user manual



Lens cap.

(first picture taken with this camera) (flash. :( ) not edited at all.
Me with my Nikon D5100
me using my D5100
Every picture (unless otherwise stated) since August 30th (minus all the ones in this post) was/were taken with my D5100 (no name yet. :( )
So, yes, that means this post, and this post have pictures taken by my D5100, and you weren't supposed to know that unless I told you.
Did you notice those pictures were a little different?
*I'm homeschooled. Ever since we started school, my mom has always offered us treats after we finish a school book at the end of the year (or even during the school year). It's a set amount of money that we can spend on anything we wanted.
All pictures that have my Nikon D5100 CAMERA in them (not things) were taken with the Sony.
If you have any questions, or requests for videos or pictures of any of these cameras, or even of old pictures taken with any of the cameras, anything, feel free to ask!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was long and picture-filled, but it's supposed to be informative.
No, I didn't write this post up in one day. Are you kidding me?
Remember, any questions/requests/anything- ask them right now. I love questions!

ps- if you read the whole thing, comment saying you did! You get bonus points.


  1. I read the whole entire thing. I never read the instruction manuals or the boring things, I just wing it :P I love the bubble and animal pictures, especially the bunnies!


  2. I read the whole thing, what do I get? LOL, but seriously, thanks for posting this! I might get one of those cameras! :)

  3. Nice! The reason I didn't want the 5100 was because I didn't feel the need to get a flip screen. Also, the 3200 was brand spanking new and I knew that it wasn't going to be updated for a couple of years. The cameras do look basically the same though! Oh and I take all my photos with the kit lens. I will probably get another lens in a year or more. I've been exhausted saving up for stuff! ( the previous year I saved up for an iPad)

    Anna x

  4. Congrats on getting a new camera, Racehl! :)

  5. Congrats on the new camera! It's really cool seeing the progression of all your cameras :)

  6. I read the whole thing! Except for the part about what came with the 5100, I was reading it and realized that I obviously already knew that information :) It was really cool reading about all of the cameras you have had! I might just have to do a post like that eventually...

  7. Yay, you got your camera at last! I still have a bit of a way to go before I can get my DSLR that I badly want... :(
    Still debating with myself over which camera, most likely I will be getting a Canon or Nikon, hard decision!Could you tell me the other differences between the Nikon D5100 and the D3200? I am kind of debating over those two too...

    Have fun with your new camera!

    1. Aw, well. I hope you'll get it soon!

      The guy at the store said that the only really noticeable differences were:

      Nikon D5100:
      1. Flip out screen
      2. With the rebate it was $50 cheaper (originally it would have been about $150 more expensive)

      Nikon D3200:
      1. bigger screen resolution (he said that these pictures take up a much bigger size on your computer, and also the Nikon D5100's resolution is still amazing. This resolution would be nice for MAJORLY huge crops or printing the pictures blown up at around 20 in X 30 in)

      2. It's newer.

      3. $50 more expensive, and also it had no rebate.

      I hope this helps you!

      Rachel Nicole

  8. I read it all! Really awesome, Rachel! :3


  9. Wow! The story of Rachel's Cameras! Very interesting! My sister just got a D5100 too and its amazing compared to anything else! I especially love the bokeh it produces!
    {I read it all} Could you email me your email address? I have to give you a different HTML code for my button on your sidebar:) Email me:


  10. Sweet!!! I'm glad that you finally got a DSLR camera!! :D congrats. The pics look really awesome!! :)

  11. Sweet!!!! Congrats on finally getting a DSLR camera. I'm so happy for you! :) the pics look awesome.

  12. I think this is probably the coolest post concerning photography you've ever done! :D Oh, and I read the whole thing. :)

  13. Read the whole thing. :) I bought a Nikon D5100 recently after being into photography for awhile. I got it refurbished (so, basically new) for $479 including the 18-55mm lens. Loved your post. :)

  14. Yay! I read the whole thing! I love your blog!

    Check out my blog @


  15. I high appreciate this post. It’s hard to find the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it! would you mind updating your blog with more information Photo cameras user manuals


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