September 26, 2012

photography || i just want my fall weather back.

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love silhouettes <3 raindrop <3 leaves <3 leaf. <3 ... maybe a flower. <3 flower flower...? leaf leaf a bird picture leaves with bright white stripes A beautiful bird Bird feedertree with a plant climbing up it me and a river-type-thing
lately my sister and i have been trying to do something fun,
but the weather isn't being nice.
or fair.
but, ah, I should enjoy the warmer weather, i know.
and i will try, as long as i do get my fall weather, and a lot of it, before the snow sets in.
at least, there better be fall weather...
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  1. Rachel, each and every one of your posts (and pics!) leave me breathless! Awesome!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much, this totes made my day.

      Rachel Nicole

  2. These photos are just gorgeous. WOW! I wish that I knew how to capture something like these :)


yes, you have a beautiful soul.