September 2, 2012

Photography // Life // September.

The time where you lug those 'ol school books out, the weather starts getting a little cooler, you have the last barbecues of the season, plus you just can't wait to wear your Autumn clothes.
The leaves start changing their colors, and make everything smell crisp and pungent, like Autumn. 
It seems like everything begins afresh again in September.
School starts, Fall begins, orchestras initiate (starting to run out of words for start...), and I turn 15.

Not to mention another surprise I have in store for you. (stay tuned, it's awesome and it'll be in one of the next posts!)
About the giveaway, it should start in early October (I only need 11 followers!), if you'd like to sponsor me, you can read this post for a little more information, and then shoot me an email.



  1. Great photos! I love the first one. Happy September! :)

  2. What?!? I threw that pinwheel away!

  3. When? I took this picture yesterday evening... You must have thrown it away today.

  4. Your blog just totally popped out at me when I clicked it! Very bright and pretty!




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