October 24, 2012

photography// October | lately, everyday life.

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...I've been using manual mode, like, for every picture I take (If you read my post on FTP, you probably already know that) on my D5100, and, guys, best decision ever. literally. I also recently bought a really, really amazing portrait photography e-book (right here), and not only is it amazingly helpful for portraits, but also for other types of photography, and getting used to manual mode. I would most definately reccomend this book to anyone. Plus, this e-book is only $6! click here to learn more.
...I've been doing photoshoots. with my sisters, with my friends, with my sisters and their friends, with anyone who I can get to do it with me.
...drinking way too much hot chocolate than what's good for me.
...loving this Autumn weather. and the leaves.
...laughing at the comics in Foxtrot comic books.
...adoring my new sharpies (!!)
...eating popcorn, and drinking ice water (seriously, its the best, besides hot chocolate, that's all im drinking.)
...in love with hair motion, or just motion in general.
Now some pictures from my everyday life...
everyday life
everyday life
everyday life
everyday life  everyday life everyday lifeeveryday life everyday life everyday lifeeveryday life everyday life everyday life everyday life everyday life
Be good, go make yourself some hot chocolate or get some ice water. and enjoy a bag of popcorn.
And do tell me, which photo was your favorite?
ps- design is completely finished, and i'm in love with it, what do you think?
pps- have you visited my flickr yet?


  1. I like the first picture :)



  2. They're all great! I like the picture of the card the best!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I was hoping that you might be able to help me get started on my own DSLR. I bought it finally (Yay!) and it is a D5100, for basically the same reasons you stated. I was wondering if you recommend that I do anything to help with my picture taking, as the pictures that I am taking are less than good. :/ Do you have any tips?
    Thanks, I can't wait to see more photos that you have taken. :)

    1. Congrats! That's like the best camera.ever. ;)
      yesyesyes! I'd love to!
      Could you email me, though? That might be easier... ;)

      my email is rachyspenpals@gmail.com

      If you can't, than this will have to suffice.

      Rachel Nicole

    2. Uggg... I can't email you because it kinda is part of the agreement I made when I got my blog. This is kind of an inconvenience for you, and I am sorry for that. Can you suffice with this please?

    3. Sure! Not a problem.
      Okay, so, you have some questions? Shoot!

      Rachel Nicole


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