November 14, 2012

awkward + awesome

Lately (11/12/12) Lately (11/12/12) Lately (11/12/12) Lately (11/12/12) Lately (11/12/12)
I thought i'd join the bandwagon, because these are really fun to read.
hoping i wouldn't mess up in a solo, and i think i did. whoops.
accidently played things i wasn't supposed to. and im the principal of the violas in my orchestra. double oops. but then again, we were sightreading...
breaking my iPod
being scared you're going to trip in your floor length skirt concert attire. and then kind of doing it. but catching yourself (really, i don't trip or fall very much. one thing im good at)
trying to fake punch someone, and then they move their arm, and i'm thrown off, and end up punching the chair. ouch.
trying to tell a funny story, and realize that no one is listening. thats my life. right there.
reaching my image quota on picasa (like a year ago) this is way more annoying than awkward though. just you wait till you reach yours.
(this one was actually a couple months ago, but i still think its majorly awesome:)
going to my first orchestra practice, and looking for my seat (people, a note of advice, always start from the back row, moving up, make sure you double check, too) and keep walking and walking, and hoping. and then realizing in the most epic excitement that you're first chair. first year in that orchestra on viola. it was epic, okay? okay.
having solos in the aforesaid orchestra and (kindof) rocking them (but, after you thought you messed up)
doing way better at sightreading
getting a new iPod because my iPod broke and i still had half a year of warranty left
watching The Hunger Games (epic...)
watching the Avengers (also epic...)
finished my second outfit for TDW contest. can't wait to show you guys. (to learn more about my first outfit, click here)
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  1. Haha, the 'telling a funny story and no one is listening' happens to me all the time. :D

  2. The funny story thing happens to me too! Nobody listens to me. :(
    The Avengers is totally epic! After I watched it, I alternated by chattering really fast about it, jumping, and running. LOL

  3. Hi, I awarded you on my blog! (:


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