December 26, 2012

why do i bother?

snow. snow. snow. snow. snow. snow. snow.
These pictures are of our second snow.
I've been in kind of a photography rut.
I didn't feel like taking pictures of our first snow.
I didn't feel like taking pictures of our somewhat dreary Christmas yesterday.
I didn't feel like taking pictures at our monthly kids' event at church.
I didn't feel like taking pictures for the past week and a half.
This happens to the best of us.
I want to get out of this rut, but I don't know how.
I feel like everyone else is so much better than I am, and that why should I try? No one reads this blog anyway.
Then I realize that the reason I take pictures isn't because I have to post them on this blog.
I don't take pictures to please you.
I don't take pictures because I bought an expensive camera.
I don't take pictures so that my mom and dad will think I wasted my money if I didn't take them.
I don't take pictures so that I can be labeled a photographer.
I don't take pictures because I feel as if I have no hobby.
I take pictures because I love doing it.

This is what you need to understand.
You shouldn't take pictures because of any of the reasons above. What pleasure would that give you anyway?
Take pictures because you love to.
Not because you feel you should.
And I guarantee you;
Not all those pictures are going to turn out great.
Not all of them are going to look like what you want them to.
Because it doesn't matter.
Those memories that are made when you're doing what you love, even though they might be slightly blurry, are going to keep you going.
You're doing this because you love it.
You're learning how to take pictures the best you can.
You'll never know everything.
But you can always be learning more.
This is why I do what I do.


  1. Wow, this is an amazing and inspirational post!! I definitely feel in a rut sometimes. And, just to let you know, I read every post on here, so at least you have one blog viewer! :)

    1. You will never know how much this means to me. Thank you so much for reading, for commenting, for being here.

      Rachel Nicole

  2. I totally love your blog and all your beautiful photos!

  3. Rachel, take pictures and write your blog not because of wanting to show others but because of what it does for you as a photographer and writer. Keep going, dear girl. Keep taking pictures and growing and making yourself better.

  4. Thank you all so much.

    Rachel Nicole

  5. Lovely photos miss!



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