February 14, 2013

Lately there's been a lot to tell... and explain.

Lately. Lately. Lately. Lately. Lately.
I have a lot to tell, and a lot to explain.
And I want to tell, and I want to explain.
But I don't have the words, or the sentences, the time or the passion.
I've been feeling like I'm putting all this work into blogging for nothing.
Even though I know that I could never remove blogging from my life.
Blogging has given me my two favorite pastimes.
And I wouldn't go back for anything.
This post will have to suffice until I have the time, the words, the sentences. And the passion.
Thanks for understanding. It means a lot to me the few who read, and comment.
I have big, big news. and big. big things coming.
Hopefully I can find the words soon enough.


  1. I've been in a bit of a rut lately and appreciate that blogging can be hard but I have no intentions of quitting, like you. I can't wait for this exciting stuff :)

    Anna x

  2. I hope you NEVER Stop blogging!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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