March 22, 2013

I am a designer.

I know many of you knew I designed blogs.
I mean, I just finished designing mine.

But something I haven't talked about, is my new site.
I have many links to it on this site, but I haven't posted about it, and I feel I should.

Most of you have heard of Rainy Day {blog} Designs; my old design site.
I was redesigning it, changing prices (I was getting quite a few more orders, and needed to up the price a
 bit), just making it look better a few months ago. I was getting really frustrated with it, because it wouldn't
 design right.

This may sound weird, but sometimes sites that belong to you won't design correctly.
And the reason is because that site/blog no longer fits with your needs, your taste, and you can't ever get it
 right. And you won't ever.

I had this problem.

So, I did a little thinking.

I knew I loved designing, and that I wanted to do a lot of it, make peoples sites beautiful, and not cost an
 arm and a leg. But at the same time not look or seem cheap.

And this is hard.

But, after some thinking, lots of playing around, much frustration with domain names, much more google
 searching, and a million and a half minutes of designing later...

Rachel Nicole Designs was born.

This is me, this is my site, and I'm proud of it.

I get inquiries pretty much daily, and usually at least one order a week.

I love this new outlet of mine. Designing is fun, and I get to do it for other people.

I'm growing my own little business, and it makes me happy.

Go ahead, click here, and find your way around my site.

xo, RN

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  1. It doesn't sound weird. I know exactly what you're talking about. None of my blogs ever seem good to me. My taste changes just about every day...and it never looks right.
    I would "restart" as you did, but...I tried and, well, let's just say it was a flop :-/
    You are so awesome. At designing, photography, everything. Keep it up. :) <3
    mandy /// through black and white


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