March 18, 2013

My Manifesto

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First of all, I'm back, and I want to welcome you back.
There have been a lot of changes, and just about nothing is the same.
go ahead and check out everything, because there's a lot of new content, and a LOT of fun stuff.
Thanks for coming back!
This is my manifesto. It's about what has changed, what is changing, and what will be changing.
This is now the reason why I blog.
why i do it:
because something about it gives me a sense of giddy-ness.
because i love the community. so. much.
because i've learned so much from it. (see below)
because i can't see my life without it.
what i've learned from it (and I definitely am still learning!):
writing. i know i'm not the best writer, but i am better than i used to be.
photography. probably my biggest passion. i always liked it, but after i started blogging, i seriously love it.
graphic/web design. without a blog, i can't envision this one happening (whereas the above two, i could). it all started with me wanting to make my blog look like. mine. and now? this.
how to be real. how to be comfortable being me, and learning all these new things about me.
that God is always there. now, this isn't just from blogging, but more from this point of life i am in. but the blogging community has really helped me grow. and I thought i should include it.
and I hope i continue to learn and grow in all these things.

what Rachel Nicole (my new blog) will be:
i've grown, and i've changed. with me, though, my blog has. and that's why i needed a new start.
my interests have much changed since when i first started (it's okay, you can take my word for it. no need to go visit all those past posts.) and i've branched out, and tried new things.
so, i think i should include some things that you'll see regularly around here.
DIY projects. I definitely love seeing DIY projects on blogs, and i've found many, many DIY projects on Pinterest, and ive been inspired to try them myself. and i love it. so this will become a much-seen term on my blog.
photography. this one was probably a give-in because you know me! but with this, i want to have a kind of Q + A type thing. I know i'm not the best at photography, i know i'm learning and that i definitely don't 'know it all'. but i'd like to share what i do know, and maybe help you in your photography journey. so don't ever, ever, ever hesitate to ask me a question regarding photography.
graphic design. you also know my love for graphic design. and though i'm not sure about many Q + A, you can still email me with questions, and i would love to help you out. but i will be posting many things regarding graphic/web design projects i'm working on, or finished. (if you want to learn more about my graphic/web design, click here.)
life. most of you don't really know much about me, my life, my family, my everyday. I want you to know more about me. Q + A really are my favorite way to do this, so keep an eye out for a post on that, and ask me anything and everything.
and everything else. these above things are going to be emphasized greatly, they're what my blog will be about. but i won't just post along those guidelines. because i love many things. for instance, sewing/re-purposing/fashion. this was one of the few topics i struggled with during my break/refreshing restart. i already had a fashion blog, but i wasn't sure if i wanted to have a whole blog, or just combine it into this one. obviously, in the end, i decided to keep that one there, and this one here. i'm extremely happy with this decision, but it was a long, hard, much thought-out process. the point of this topic, though, is i'm sure i will still be sharing many other things on here. i don't want to have to strictly follow this manifesto. because i don't roll that way. i will eventually write myself into a corner (like i did before this) and i'll have to do the same thing to get out again. so be expecting random tidbits here and there.
welcome to Rachel Nicole.
I sincerely wish you will stay, and that you will have fun with me on my journey.
thus, my manifesto is now complete.


  1. Glad to see you back, and *love* the blog design! :)

  2. Your blog design is crazy pretty. Can't wait for all the new content!

    Anna x

  3. I'm basically in the exact same place as you are. :) I'm restarting. I blogged for awhile and then stopped. I feel ready to start again...but not in the same way. I've learned so much! I'd love it if you'd come check out my blog. :)
    ~gloria {lia}

    1. I've noticed quite a few people are in the exact same spot. I would really recommend doing what I did. Now I can't wait to start blogging again!

      checking out your blog now...



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