April 13, 2013

Let's DIY - Scavenger Hunt

Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
If you know me, you know that I have a big family, and sometimes I'm left home to babysit the littles. 
Whenever we talk about babysitting our family, the littles always say that I'm a boring babysitter, that I don't do anything with them.
And it's true.
My comeback is that we don't have to do anything with them when we're babysitting. because, really, we don't.
But every once in a blue moon, I'll come up with a really good idea.
And today was one of those days.
No saying I was a boring babysitter today! (well, when they had to sit and wait for me, yes, sure, but you can't have everything!)
Anyway, everyone on God's green earth has had a treasure hunt (if you haven't, you must have been a deprived child), you just have.
And while that's one of the more popular things to do with the littles, I didn't want to do that today when I said I'd do something with them.
I've had this idea for awhile, I explained it to the littles, and they decided they wanted to do it.
Because, well, read on to know why it's so much better than a treasure hunt.

What you need:
1) knick knacks (the more, the better. Had each of them donate a few things, and then I donated some stuff. As you can see, there wasn't much. ;) But (for once!) they didn't complain.
2) three identical boxes
3) paper. small pieces are the best.
4) a different colored pen/sharpie for each child participating.
5) tape
6) lots of time, thinking, and patience (last one is mostly on the kids part)

Here's what you do:
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
1. Start by writing each childs name on either the box, or an index card or something, and tape it to the box.
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
2. fill the boxes with equal amounts of knick knacks. (or just place the few items you have, like i did)
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
3. Hide each box. (I hid one in a pillow case, another in a bag, and the last one on top of something.
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
4. Write on the paper (color coded) some clues. I made 10 for each child (and that was a lot of work, for about 15 minutes of fun)
Make sure that you write the number of that clue on the corner, it will help you in the long run, also make sure that they work for the child (ie, easy for the younger kids, harder for the older ones).
Also make sure that the last clue leads to the place where you hid each childs box.
Oh, and one more thing. underline, use capitals, highlight, etc to show which word is the key word in each clue.
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
5. Hide each clue. This is probably the hardest part. Make sure you aren't putting the clue that leads to a certain spot, in the certain spot. Though it may not seem easy to do, it is. It happened to me twice. Just be super aware, and don't let the kids yelling that they're board get into your head and distract you. It's a huge pain if you get mixed up. (for example, don't put the above clue at the piano)

6. Give the child their color, a few basic rules (ie, don't pick up any clues out of turn, don't pick up anyone else clues, the key word is underlined (etc), don't complain, don't tell me it's too hard, don't constantly ask for clues, and DON'T MOAN IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU GOT.
(the last four rules are very important, very necessary, and I forgot to lay down every single one. [Just to let you know, I didn't actually have trouble with the last one this time around, but it has happened sometimes when we play treasure hunt.])

7. Settle back (unless one of your littles can't read and you have to help them), and take pictures of the fun. 
Since I was helping my youngest sister read her clues, I wasn't able to get a lot of pictures (and half of the ones I did get, I can't show [yet] because they have faces...)
But here are the ones I did get/can show you:
Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt Let's DIY Scavenger Hunt
What'd you think? Are you going to do it? How'd it go if you did do it? Link in the comments!

xo, RN
ps- lots of content coming. I've been in a crafty mood lately, and also bought some [amazing] new things to review/show you.


  1. Many blessings to you- a grey day and the kids were so bored! The only change I made was this:the game took place in our dimly lit basement. So, each kid was given a flashlight and clues had a tiny strip of reflector tape (fabric store) affixed to them. The treasures were not as elaborate as yours! Just bubblegum and a few wrapped candies. The latter was not my best idea.

    1. I'm so glad you were able to use the idea, and that you all had fun with it. The flashlights/darkness sounds like a really fun twist. :)



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